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½ February 28, 2012
A haunting, compassionate look at the day-to-day lives of all too many Hispanic immigrants in New York City.
February 28, 2010
Moving look at Hispanic immigrants in New York City. Shot in an understated neo-realist black and white, Riker strikes a poignant balance between visual rawness and dramatically affective stories, all without the tiresome melodrama of Oscar-bait, such as Crash.
August 27, 2009
one of doug's first production and one oft fsvorites.
½ March 1, 2008
inspirational, Riker shows he has a real filmmaker's heart going out of his way to perfect is filmmaking by not being selfish and doing it "his way" but rather let the "real" filmmakers aka the subjects tell their story and changing his script to adapt to their lives and realism. A true masterpiece in that effort and spirit, true filmmaking.
½ October 19, 2007
A moving portrayal of the experiences of undocumented workers, in four short dramas about Latinos in New York city. The director co-wrote the script with the cast, mostly non-professional actors.
August 1, 2007
A very moving film, excellent direction and lovingly filmed in black and white. It is reminiscent of the Italian new wave cinema from the late forties and 1950's. The amateur cast does a remarkable job. Excellent score. A very touching film. Excellent.
July 2, 2007
This movie is great!, it makes you realize how hard it is being an ilegal imigrant in this country
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