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December 14, 2011
Worst acting of any Hallmark movie. Or maybe it's just Dean Cain.
June 7, 2010
Routine movie about life in the deep south during the 1940s. It doesn't really tug at your heart. It was nice to see Maya Angelou in the movie. Probably my favorite part was seeing Kathryn Erbe in a different role from what I'm used to seeing her in (Law & Order: Criminal Intent).

Anyhow, I wouldn't recommend the movie to anyone as more than background noise while you are multi-tasking with something else.
½ November 9, 2008
I love Dean Cain and Hallmark movies are good. I came up with about six possible endings to this before it concluded. Slow starter, and it takes a little bit to get used to the accent but it is a good tale about racism and how one person really can make a difference.
August 2, 2008
Dean Cain's performance was not very good. I expected more. Maya Angelou was strange too. I did enjoy the friendship between the two boys and how they tried to remain good friends despite racial tensions in the South. Weird though how Joshua's mom could just let him leave his small town to go to the big city of Atlanta by hitching a ride? Was that common?
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