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April 30, 2008
Gets into the lives of these people who are willing to tell their story. Everyone should listen. There's some real insight into life in general here.
½ March 24, 2008
This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.
½ March 3, 2008
This has a huge impact...the images are very strong and heartbreaking...Everyone should watch! I watched this in my class.
February 20, 2008
really great heartbreaking doc about an amazing person
February 8, 2008
great movie what so ever
½ February 2, 2008
one of the best Docs ever.
½ January 25, 2008
One of the most heartbreaking films I've ever seen. I cried 30 minutes into it...then I cried some more. Then I sat on the couch, soaked in my own tears asking myself, "Why the hell did I put myself through that?"
Well, I can't really pinpont why. But it was worth it.
½ January 22, 2008
Fantastic, heartwarming, and heartbreaking. Transgendered people are real people who are really discriminated against. It's SO hard for transgendered people in our society.
January 18, 2008
I love documentaries, but I didn't think this one was worth all the hype. I wanted to know more about the characters...I still feel that I didn't know them or their pasts.
January 2, 2008
Too heavy to discuss here. One of own personal fears.
December 9, 2007
great, prejudice-neutralising documentary about female-to-male transgenders..
November 14, 2007
really tragic and moving. Lola Cola is my hero.
October 17, 2007
Heartbreaking and heroic. On par with A Silverlake Life.
October 8, 2007
I really like to watch this movie. It's a little sad to watch a person die in front of you during the course of a year, but watching him live also is very moving.
½ August 29, 2007
A truly sad tale of a transsexual who is dying of ovarian cancer, the doc chronicles the last few months of his life, and gives history into his life before his transition into the present. A really good doc.
August 23, 2007
fantastiskt bra dokumentär och en skön snubbe!
½ July 29, 2007
Touching in both its tragedy and hope. The director brought the viewer into Ead's life in a way that makes them feel as though they, too, have become a member of his chosen family.
½ July 27, 2007
An amazing documentary. I really need to find it on DVD.
½ July 18, 2007
Intersting story...It's worth a watch
½ July 5, 2007
The final months of Robert's life, a transsexual battling a painfully ironic disease are documented in this life-affirming film. Director Davis brilliantly captures Robert's pipe-smoked musings as he and his girlfriend, another transsexual, face almost unimaginable difficulties of keeping love alive in the face of prejudice and terminal illness in the deep South.
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