Ace in the Hole (The Big Carnival) Reviews

February 22, 2019
In a lesser movie, Tatum would share our sympathy for the pathetic man. Here, he's on a parabola in that direction but wants it to intersect with the moment of his own greatest fame.
August 29, 2014
Ace in the Hole is a revelation, as timely now as when it was made.
January 9, 2007
A lurid pulp indictment of exploitation, opportunism, doctored intelligence, torture for profit, insatiable greed, and shady journalism.
Top Critic
February 9, 2006
As a diatribe against all that is worst in human nature, it has moments dipped in pure vitriol.
September 9, 2002
Ace in the Hole is badly weakened by a poorly constructed plot, which depends for its strength upon assumptions that are not only naive but absurd.
September 9, 2002
This 1951 film, about a cynical reporter who seizes on the plight of a man trapped in a mine shaft to promote his career, is cold, lurid, and fascinating, propelled by the same combination of moral outrage and sneaky admiration.
September 3, 2002
By no means a great -- or even a particularly good -- movie, but its sustained nastiness shows a stunning disregard for box-office niceties.