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July 25, 2016
One of my favorite movies of all time!
July 19, 2016
Baz Luhrmann's finest.
June 20, 2016
I was in tears so much at the end of the movie, I could barely see the Television!
June 12, 2016
Messy direction ruins this modern day musical.
May 27, 2016
One of my favorite movies! "The show must go on."
May 9, 2016
The cure for cynicism. So this is about a penniless writer (Ewan McGregor) who comes to Paris in the year 1900 to learn about love. He finds himself falling hopelessly in love with Satine (Nicole Kidman), the most beautiful courtesan at the Moulin Rouge, but love is never that simple, which is a perfect reason to incorporate a bit of modern music. Now this is a favorite of mine that I can positively watch at any given time without exception. There may be movies above this on my all-time 'best of' list, but there are very few that I watch more often. Out of all my Blu-rays that I own, it is this and Cloverfield that I get the most usage of, and with this much color, it makes for a positively gorgeous transfer. Please believe that I am not exaggerating when I say that my wife will (occasionally) catch me watching this at night after she has gone to bed. This is one of the most vibrant and striking movies out there, and there isn't another film that is put together quite like Moulin Rouge is. You can say what you want about Baz Luhrmann as a director, and you can criticize all of the anachronisms that he injects into his films, but the guy knows how to film a party, and once you witness the Can Can medley very early on, you should have an understanding as far as what you're in for. All of the music is brilliantly mixed and executed, and this is one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. If I could sum it up in a pair of words, those words would be "toe tapping". There's a ton of Elton John featured, which makes total sense, given the themes of the film, and as blasphemous as it sounds, I like Ewan's version of My Song just as much as Elton's. Everybody knocks their respective songs out of the park, and they work both as a whole and as standalone numbers. There's not a whole lot of middle ground with Moulin Rouge, and everybody who I've spoken to either loves it or hates it. I fall on the side of love, which is apropos, given the film's message. I feel that Richard Roxburgh is one of the most underrated movie villains of all time, and he nails this sniveling, possessive man who is a push away from falling apart. This is a movie that can do both light and dark, and once you get to El Tango de Roxanne, it switches gears and impresses you in a completely different way. Moulin Rouge is a film that is both romantic and infectious, and it is absolutely capable of making you believe in love if you had already given up.
May 4, 2016
Quite a spectacle, however, all but about 15 shots last less than 5 seconds, so there isn't much of a chance to drink it in. Story-wise, completely unoriginal. Ultimately, it isn't really saying anything that hasn't been said before or since.
The only thing unique about it is its energy and style, and both of those things become very annoying very quickly.
½ April 23, 2016
Moulin Rouge! is such an incredible film. It may be too energetic and bombastic at times and it isn't original in its approach, but it most certainly is authentic in its execution which is awesome with such a crazy energy to it, some nice humor and absolutely terrific songs. All of the songs here are not only great, but also perfectly utilized in its story and so memorable. The characters are endearing, the romance is great, the acting is terrific and its visuals are mesmerizing. But it above all succeeds because of its terrific soundtrack and it is one of the best modern musicals without a doubt.
½ April 5, 2016
Ugg! Couldn't get through the movie at all! I feel bad for my parents, who tired to stick it out longer than I did at my mother's insistence that critics and audiences liked it and it was supposed to be a good movie. They lasted 15 more excruciating minutes than I did, but eventually admitted defeat about 25 minutes into the movie. Guess we just aren't artsy enough to like it, which is hilarious since my mom has worked and trained as an artist!
March 29, 2016
This romantic musical is more than a musical. It is a kaleidoscopic explosion of colour, music, themes and emotions containing moments of tragedy, comedy, bitterness, and farce in which to get swept up in the exuberance of the story and excess in all its elements. This is, quite simply, a brilliant and my favourite film.
½ March 25, 2016
Moulin Rouge!, directed by Baz Luhrmann, is set in 1899. It follows the story of Christian who moved to the Montmartre district of Paris to become a writer among members of the area's Bohemian movement. One night, Christian found himself in the Moulin Rouge where he laid eyes on the love of his life. Satine. Satine also just happens to be the star courtesan of the Moulin Rouge. Let me start off by saying that I consider this to be a fantastic film. I loved the cinematography as well as the use of motion and color. I generally do not care for musicals but this film was one of the best musicals I have seen.

Now every movie has it's flaws and Moulin Rouge! is no different. Now this is more nitpicking that actual issues with the film itself. I thought the Duke of Monroth was at times quite irritating. Now this may be what you're supposed to feel about the character but it really bugged me. Another thing that bugged me was how fast the story started. This wasn't so much as an issue but more so something I wasn't normally used to experiencing.

I found the direction of the film to be outstanding. Not only that, but I thoroughly enjoyed the cinematography. Baz Luhrmann and Donald McAlpine both did a great job in their respective roles. So why did I like the cinematography so much? For starters, it was very different from what I was used to seeing and that appealed to me. Secondly, there was something about how the film was shot that made you really feel like this story occurred during the Bohemian movement.

As the film is a musical, you can't just not talk about the film's selection of music. I found myself loving nearly every song in the film and recognizing the vocal talent of Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor the later of which I know as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Though these two were the main vocalists, I loved the voices of Jim Broadbent (Harold Zidler), John Leguizamo (Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec), and Jacek Koman (The Unconscious Argentinean).

Overall, I found Moulin Rouge! to be one of best musicals of recent memory (4.5/5 stars) and would highly recommend it to a friend even if they personally do not care for musicals. Why? Because if you strip away the musical aspect of the film, you still have a solid narrative and that alone is worth the watch.
½ March 13, 2016
awesome movie awesome acting but the only part I didn't really like was the ending because SPOILER ALERT
½ March 8, 2016
WellmDe and compelling.
March 1, 2016
I do not like musicals, generally. But this movie's soundtrack works well with the story, features several prominent artists and well known songs, and the dance montages are well executed. Moulin Rouge features a stereotypical love story, but the inclusion of Bohemian themes and locations set it apart from its dime a dozen counterparts. It is a visually pleasing movie but thinking about the plot takes away much of the appeal.
½ February 28, 2016
MOULIN ROUGE seems like one of those movies that you either love or hate, mostly because of Baz Luhrmann's style. I actually don't mind his style that much, having enjoyed AUSTRALIA and, to a lesser degree, THE GREAT GATSBY. Still, I wasn't even ten minutes into this and my head was already spinning. Thankfully, he doesn't keep the visual intensity cranked up to eleven the entire time, but a lot of time was spent in a hyperactive mode that gave me somewhat of a headache, while also laughing at the near-constant absurdity of what I was watching. If I had to describe it, and there are a number of ways to do so, it was like a fever dream or a roller-coaster that is perpetually on a downward course: exhilarating but also exhausting. The plot seemed almost an afterthought, with every romantic cliché of the last 600 years or so being stuffed into a story of tragically doomed romance that was probably old hat when Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet. The acting, from an admittedly impressive roster of talented actors, was so over-the-top that it put primetime soap operas to shame. Just to give one example, John Leguizamo (as Toulouse-Lautrec?) sounded like Elmer Fudd with a lisp. Hopefully they had fun making this because I'd be ashamed to have this on my resume. Anyhow, acting and story aside, MOULIN ROUGE is a rather inventive (if derivative) movie. I would have never thought to set a musical in turn-of-the-century France yet use modern pop songs. The way in which they weave dozens of them in the dialogue is almost comical at times, but it worked for the most part. Where the film really shone, though, was the production design, sets and costumes. Other than paying the actors, this is probably where the most money was lavished, and it showed. Although confined to a few constructed sets, they were gorgeously realized and popping with detail. I don't know how this movie fared at the 2002 Oscars, but it probably got some well-deserved technical awards. Overall, MOULIN ROUGE was rather overwhelming, as if in a constant absinthe-induced delirium partially achieved through rapid-fire editing which gave it the feel of a two-hour music video. Still, Baz Luhrmann's commitment to overdoing every production element has some limited rewards and those are really what makes this worth watching, if only once.
February 22, 2016
The best musical I have ever seen!
February 21, 2016
2/19/16 I was surprised that I really enjoyed this. Normally, I find musicals a bit annoying and it often seems like they are "forcing" the songs into the story. This didn't feel that way at all. The transition into songs is seamless and enhances the fantastical atmosphere of the film. Overall, I appreciated the uniqueness of the film and the over the top style and atmosphere made it fun to watch.
February 15, 2016
There's no doubt the set decoration and pageantry is all magnificent. I just don't think Baz Luhrmann is that good of a director. This is definitely his best film but he just seems to be aiming the camera anywhere and having it all edited together somewhat incoherently. Of course there's some beautiful long takes where more structured choreography is involved, but it seems like the editing is covering up mistakes and doesn't seem like the director has control of what's going on like most classical musicals.
½ February 1, 2016
I saw the reviews and had to see this....but I HATED it. if it weren't for the portrayal of Truman Capote, I'd have given it only one star.
½ January 10, 2016
Wonderfully depressing. Just like Copacabana, I can't rewatch this because it make me feel so sad I actually become depressed.
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