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½ October 26, 2015
Was this supposed to be a comedy? If so - where's the comedy? And I know it's sci-fi and "only" a movie, but isn't a biologist supposed to know at least something about biology? Main problem is just with the script, but it's a damn big problem. Wouldn't watch again - better skip this one.
½ October 11, 2015
The (latest) "Greatest 300 Films of All Time" edition of Empire arrived in my house recently, and my wife tested me on the top ten. When we caught a bit of Evolution on TV that week, in a particularly amusing part, she asked me "was this film in the top 300 in that magazine?"

Now THAT'S funny.

The fact that my wife was serious in her question, and the fact that she stayed up late to watch the film (and I recorded it to (re)watch later) suggests that not all people feel the same way about Evolution the way that most critics did upon its release.

Yes, the film is a bald-faced attempt by Ivan Reitman and Hollywood to replicate Ghostbusters. So what? Ghostbusters fucking ROCKS! Even a pale facsimile of Ghostbusters is going to have just value. And Evolution isn't just a pale facsimile. Here's some things I appreciate about the film:

- The location work. Great little town. Location shoot meshes well with the studio stuff.

- The effects work. The creature-feature models and costumes are cheesy but fun. The CGI is fine.

And especially

- The cast. Sure David Duchovny does his standard narcoleptic shtick. But he's the perfect foil for the rest of the cast. Orlando Jones is bug-eyed "say what?" hammy perfection. Julianne Moore in her pre-pretentious days, has never been more endearing or lovely. I think this is my favourite perf of hers. And Seann William Scott steals scenes left right and centre. No, none of them are Bill Murray. But together I reckon these four carry a pretty good, pretty fun film.

My wife's favourite bit:

Dr. Allison Reed: What are you gonna do?

Dr. Paulson: We might have to amputate.

Harry Block: Whoa, Doc! Don't take my leg! Ira, don't let them take my leg.

Ira Kane: Isn't there anything else you can do? He thinks he's an athlete.

Nurse Tate: Doctor, look!

Paulson: It's headed for his testicles.

Block: Take it! Take it! Take the leg!

And mine:

[Wayne tries to get the alien's attention by saying "caw-caw" and "tookie tookie" repeatedly]

Harry Block: Wayne! I think we've established that "Ca-caw, ca-caw" and "Tookie, tookie" don't work.

Genius stuff.
September 27, 2015
Who cares what the critics think? This movie is hilarious!
½ August 31, 2015
There's always time for lubricant!!!
August 27, 2015
i dont know why this movie gets ripped, i truly enjoyed this movie, and rewatch it atleast once a year. duchovny and orlando play well of off each other and orlando steals the show on quite a few occassions" its not for me, its for my ass"
August 27, 2015
Evolution has a clever premise, a likable cast and really neat special effects. Now all it needs is comedy....
½ August 20, 2015
Fox Mulder & the Make 7up Yours guy team up for this fun loving sci-fi flick about two community college professors who stumble across a meteor that's brought life to earth and it's evolving fast. The banter between Fox & 7up is so good that Seann William Scott is almost overkill.... almost... he's hilarious in this flick too. Now that I think about it, it's about time to rewatch!
August 3, 2015
Mildly amusing story that did not gross me out at all. Great teen boy humor. Definitely superior to the Blob or Ghostbuster movies as a perfect sequel to them. A real alien invasion would probably be more subtle.
½ July 19, 2015
I can't understand the negative reviews of this film. It's fun and easy to watch and a great one to watch with kids. It keeps getting compared to ghostbusters which is understandable but it's still a good movie on its own.
June 25, 2015
One of my favourite films. It always cracks me up. Just bonkers.

I probably shouldn't give it 5*. It's not life affirming or life changing. Just pure nonsense.
½ June 4, 2015
Silly....not silly funny just plain silly.
June 1, 2015
Started fun and interesting and then went downhill.
½ May 20, 2015
for 2001:

love it!
Ivan Reitman of 'Ghostbusters' fame directs another hilarious sci-fi flick
there are actually a decent amount of laughs given how nicely-timed the jokes are written
2 geologists and a fireman in-training stumble upon outer space lifeforms that adapt at an alarming rate
it turns into a funny, science-y ride to save the planet from being overrun by new dominate species
it aint a masterpiece like Reitman's most well-known outing but it has a delectable charm and some realistic science-fiction to go with it
Duchovny, Moore, and Scott are an awesome team; Orlando Jones makes the movie his own by having some of the more humorous moments
and you will love the two biggest cameos in the whole scheme of things!
May 3, 2015
totally underrated movie. loses some steam at the end.
May 2, 2015
This movie is aweessoome. Lots of empty people saying it isn't lighten up dudes and dudettes.
March 25, 2015
besides how they try to sell shampoo it was a great movie
March 16, 2015
When i think comedy i don't think David duchovny. This could be really good if your middle school aged.
March 3, 2015
Has there been a good Seann William Scott? If so this ain't it.
February 26, 2015
I had to watch this in Biology.
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