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½ July 1, 2007
Unleashed has action, drama, morals, and even a bit of comedy. Good movie.
½ October 3, 2005
Next I am going to run down the list of movies I saw in the theater this summer. This will take awhile so just check them out on my Ratings page!!!
May 14, 2005
[b]Unleashed[/b] - Though the writing may be shaky at times, the direction is good enough to cover up many of its flaws, but thats not what this movie is about. This movie is about delivering some great, stylized kung-fu action scenes that are sure to exhilarate. Yuen Wo Ping does his best work here since Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Something every action movie lover (or just enjoyer) must see.

[b]Millions[/b] - Imaginative, beautiful, and heartfelt is this change-of-direction for Danny Boyle (known best for [i]Trainspotting[/i]). The images of the imaginations of the boys and the way they perceive different situations rings very close to home, and I suppose because of that, I loved it more. This one's sure to show up on many Top 10 of 2005 lists around these parts, I foresee...or at least...hope.

[b]Oldboy[/b] - Called a modern Count of Monte Cristo, [i]Old Boy[/i] has many elements of different genres. In one corner, we have the stomach cringing violence of some hardcore modern Japanese yakuza movie, in another we have a french Erotic Thriller, and in another we have the timeless tale of revenge. My one issue with the film was its use of music during some of the more violent scenes (namely the tooth-torture sequences). I felt the use of classical music was forced and unneeded in a film that had mostly "underground" techno-y beats. Other than that, there were some really great parts, such as one of my favorites, the long hallway fight scene done in the one shot. Definitely one to check out.

I can't think.

And sorry for not seeing any bad films as of late, I just haven't come across one. I just know that because of this, it greys my reviews and thoughts on the films I have seen that [i]are[/i] good.
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