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December 6, 2005
December 8, 2002
It's ironic that a film exploring the mysteries of how people succeed and fail to connect with each other then fails to really connect with its audience.
October 30, 2002
October 21, 2002
I'm sure Chereau meant this to be a searing portrait of psychic distance, and it certainly is bleak. What it is not, unfortunately, is riveting cinema.
June 25, 2002
It's a brave art film only because of its porno sex scenes, but it is not necessarily a perceptive one.
April 1, 2002
Rylance and Fox, fine actors, bravely grapple through some astonishingly convincing copulation (did they or didn't they?), and even more bravely struggle with Chereau's unspeakable lines.
March 22, 2002
For all the sex and vicious psychological game-playing, Chereau's movie is strangely forgettable.
March 8, 2002
The sexual content diverts attention away from what is some very powerful acting by the film's talented cast.
January 22, 2002
Porno for the squatter set.
January 17, 2002
The movie is so groundbreaking ... as to be distracting.
January 13, 2002
It's never clear ... what, if any, motivation is behind the affair in the first place, or what either participant expects to achieve from their weekly dose of secretive carnality.
December 14, 2001
Despite the efforts of Kureishi, Chereau and co-screenwriter Anne-Louise Trividic to make us believe in its realism. Toward the end, there are too many speeches.
December 8, 2001
Chereau shot Intimacy in Super 35mm widescreen, but the film has the scruffy look of 16mm or digital video. That is not a bad thing, but, instead, the perfect representation of this downbeat drama -- desperate, sad, and shabby.
December 3, 2001
Snippets of intrigue reveal themselves too late to salvage the listless storyline.
November 29, 2001
Makes the graphic collision of body parts seem like the most joyless activity this side of scrubbing the toilet.
November 16, 2001
Stumbles along, clutching at some half-formed ideas, but never takes off.
November 6, 2001
Notwithstanding the bumping and grinding, this pic is about as erotic as 'Monsters, Inc.'
October 24, 2001
The result is a series of accretions to a narrative full of atmosphere that engulfs the characters without giving them adequate motivation or dramatic necessity for what they do.
October 22, 2001
October 17, 2001
Flaccid dramatization and hollow moralizing.
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