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April 25, 2012
another feel good movie!
November 17, 2011
One of the best movies i have every seen!!:)
½ April 19, 2011
Absolutely loved the Charles Dickens setting but the story had a very abrupt ending..
½ September 2, 2010
This was a pretty good adaptation, although there was a lot of content that was inaccurate and some quite unnecessary (innuendo and blatant sexual junk). For me, it just didn't do the book justice.
July 22, 2010
complete good version
April 7, 2010
like this movie, great costumes, sad story, but really good movie
August 10, 2009
I liked the casting for this one, especially Charles Dance who does what he does best - play evil. James D'Arcy does the young, earnest idealist well.
March 4, 2009
Total 100% Dickens with all the stops pulled out. Great adaptation, patchy acting but overall does the trick. Recommended.
January 19, 2009
The film version gets all of the attention this adaptation deserves. Well written and well cast - Dance is a perfect villain and D'Arcy and Myles are wonderful as the siblings - and long enough to do the book credit and not lose the audience's interest.
Super Reviewer
½ November 17, 2008
I swear, if it weren't for the British, I wouldn't know anything about literature. Nicholas Nickleby is actually a really good story and this is a good adaptation.
August 9, 2008
As this film so wonderfully illustrates, wealth and breeding are not necessarily accompaniments. The production itself, however, is a marvelous composition of both: a classily written rendition of the oft-told Victorian tale, richly replete with an amazing repertoire of actors who utterly pack each portrayal with charm, wit, and panache! The mood ranges from low-key pathos to manic buffoonery, the latter wrought by the gluttony, lust, and greed of what must be among the most scrumptiously scuzzy characters ever seen on the screen! Liz Smith in a familiar old-hag role and George Innes as a grubby lecher are definitely not to be missed! Throughout, Dickens' horrific vision of nineteenth-century poverty and child abuse is never compromised, and a number of the scenes are truly nightmarish in intensity. Particularly poignant is the portrayal of the waif Smike, brilliantly played by Lee Ingleby. James D'Arcy is the finest Nicholas on screen. He is a "Candide"-like figure; totally believable and you want to root for him just as Dickens wanted his readers to sympathize with the protagonist. Charles Dance is equally effective as Nicholas's villainous uncle. But it doesn't end with the two leads. Every single character (and there are a lot of them) is cast perfectly and totally believable from a physical standpoint; from the lowest street people to the wealthy upper class. There's not a dud in the lot! The casting director should be knighted! The direction is fluid and unflinching as it examines the seedier sides of the story. Pairing down the story to three hours is done with excellent comprehension. Those parts of the story missing are inevitably not missed for a dramatic presentation. The art direction is exquisite throughout. Costumes, sets and locations are brilliantly handled. Like an accomplished orchestra, the movie strikes the chord of every human emotion and is immensely enjoyable, enlightening, and uplifting!
August 7, 2008
Another brilliant bildungsroman work by Charles Dickens that has lasted throughout literary history. This adaptation is the perfect companion to the Masterpiece Theater reimagining of Oliver Twist.

It's fun and inspirational.
½ July 15, 2008
Dickens' stories are populated by larger-than-life heroes and villians, where the protaginists are downright angelic, and the bad guys are soulless meanies-- played sometimes to humorous and sometimes to brutal effect. This use of caricatures makes it somewhat difficult for me to connect deeply with any of the characters here, but the story is nonetheless interesting, and this adaptaptation is painstakingly well put together. More or less what I would expect of this type of BBC drama.
March 8, 2008
The best adaptation of Dicken's novel by far! Excellent acting all around, I can not recommend this mini-series more.
I especially loved how every movement, dialogue, and scene in this series is so meticulously well-crafted, everything in this series just works, you got to watch this if you haven't done so already, and i swear you will watch it again and again.
January 23, 2008
Brillant! James D'arcy is fantastic and the ensemble is wonderful. Balanced between the thematic darkness and moments of gaiety are some interesting moments.
November 25, 2007
I love James D'Arcy! He is so HOT!!
November 23, 2007
ok story, new one is better w/anne hathaway
November 21, 2007
Loved this movie. My favorite adaptation.
½ October 27, 2007
The acting and script of this film was to me worth 5 stars, unfortunately certain scenes added cause me to take away a couple of stars.
October 9, 2007
A typical Dickens tale in vibrant color with an outstanding cast.
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