Rain Reviews

August 20, 2005
June 14, 2002
The film can depress you about life itself.
June 7, 2002
After about a half hour of this, and not caring a whit about the characters in Rain, I wanted nothing more than to return to the present day.
June 4, 2002
Rainy days and movies about the disintegration of families always get me down.
June 2, 2002
Unless you enjoy watching repeated shots of people waking up in an alcoholic stupor, you're likely to find 'Rain' a cinematic washout.
May 17, 2002
Freights a young girl's self-destructive eagerness to lose her virginity with so much danger and even horror that it's as if the events were trying to make up for the film's previous lack of drama.
May 9, 2002
[Janey] forgets about her other obligations, leading to a tragedy which is somehow guessable from the first few minutes, maybe because it echoes the by now intolerable morbidity of so many recent movies.
May 2, 2002
We get light showers of emotion a couple of times, but then -- strangely -- these wane to an inconsistent and ultimately unsatisfying drizzle.
April 23, 2002
The dialogue is cumbersome, the simpering soundtrack and editing more so.