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February 11, 2017
So the best part of this JCVC direct-to-video terrorist-on-a-train ripoff of "Under Siege II: Dark Territory," which was the sequel to a ripoff of "Die Hard," was the hilariously bad miniature train set shorts when Jean-Claude was supposedly fighting on the roof of the train along with a very toy-like helicopter flying above. The miniatures actually reminded me of something your'd see in one of Gerry Anderson's marionette thrillers, and that's not a good thing for a JCVC film. So basically there is a train with hostages and terrorists and special agent JCVC has to stop them. I had a little hope for this film in that it was written by Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch, who've penned some decent low budget horror film, but sadly this film is a low point for Jean-Clausd. Not much to recommend here.
January 7, 2017
Umm, yeah probably the worst I've seen from Van Damme.
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January 2, 2015
Not quite Van Damme's best effort here but not his worst either. Its a B flick of course with average acting and fight scenes. The movie reminds me of Seagal's "Under Siege 2" about terrorists and trains.... Anyway if you are a Van Damme fan you know what u get.
½ July 9, 2014
A classic Van Damme film about an undercover cop that has to save a train and the whole world from bio terrorists from chemical warfare.
the movie is ok a good time waster. Van Damme has made much better flick than this.
If you want to watch a Derailed movie that is better in a long way watch Derailed with Jennifer Aniston & Clive Owen.
Van Damme fans check it out its not that bad.
not suitable for the kiddies.
February 5, 2014
Pretty terrible. The director clearly can't do action; the action becomes so laughable it boarders the ridiculous. The story is ludicrous and the script awful (it had two writers) keep away from this film!!
½ October 16, 2013
Too man crap shots, crap quality cgi, crap everything. Derailed is surely Jean-Claude Van Damme's worst
½ May 15, 2013
Not a bad action film and it's better than some other Van Damme films.
½ April 3, 2013
It doesn't pretend to be much, but unlike some more respected (and theatrical) Jean-Claude Van Damme films (I'm looking at you Double Impact), this is a film that doesn't forget it's reason for existing - to showcase Van Damme's martial art skills.

This film does that. The acting is very hammy, the storyline extremely basic and predictable, and some of the characterization poorly rounded, not to mention an annoying introduction which explained nothing.

But it still achieves it's purpose. Just.
March 28, 2013
Straight to DVD Van Damme action thriller. Poorly acted, except by Laura Elena Harring, and haphazardly directed. Though the fight sequences are effective, any momentum and intensity being built is always hampered by the fact that you just aren't made to care about the characters. Yes, the family is imperiled... ho, hum Van Damme will save them. Barely watchable for the fight scenes and the sultry Harring.
½ March 27, 2013
This is the type of movie you get when you have a good idea but not enough money to make said idea realistic. Derailed is an interesting idea with so many flaws and problems that it if not for JCVD it might have become one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Director Bob Misiorowski is completely out of his league with Derailed and the amateurish camerawork, editing, effects, and plot holes are an everlasting tribute to that fact. JCVD gives a worthy effort but it was sad seeing a superstar from the 80s starring in such a terribly put together film.
December 7, 2012
Dammes younger days!
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½ December 3, 2012
silly premise but it is fun at times when they aren't cutting budget constraints. the ending sucks
½ September 24, 2012
Monday, September 24, 2012

(2002) Derailed

Straight-to-rental flick and the budget really shows starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as agent Jaques being paid to escort a thief who unknowingly knows that she's carrying three small vials of small pox on board of a train. the acting is very bad, some of the worst of Van Damme's entire movie career and some of the action sequences look unconvincing for it uses toy model train sets made to look real which was what film makers used to use during the black and white era for as an action film buff this 70% rating is the result of it's imaginative and never-before-seen action sequences for if the film had a much larger budget and tighter acting the film would've been decent. Also because it has more creative action sequences than say "Under Siege 2" another film which takes place on a train, this film has more going for it.

For a low budget action flick this film gets
3 out of 4
September 24, 2012
Really good movie with a slightly different style of fighting than what van damme usually does. Special effects were a bit lack luster but good fight scenes.
½ August 21, 2012
It's sort of like Die Hard on a train. JCVD has never really had a big budget, good script, good director, or a major studio backing unlike action heroes Stallone and Schwarzenegger. One thing Van Damme dose have is talent. His movies get better as he gets older. Aside from the terrible effects and the fact that the sets look like they are from a bad sitcom, its highly entertaining. A must own for any JCVD fan
May 19, 2012
Not van damme's best movie, a poor mans under siege 2 if you will, it's green screen scenes were terrible and the use of generic shouts and scream sound effects were far too overused.
½ April 6, 2012
the worst van damme flick, avoid
March 19, 2012
Van Damme cheese... Love it lol
½ August 6, 2011
Another in a long string of Van Damme less than stellar roles. He should quit while he's down. This one just added another proverbial nail into the casket of his ending career. I want a refund...
July 16, 2011
Didn't like this film...
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