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September 5, 2003
It may be dressed up with some clever language and A-list actors, but it's still the equivalent of the smart kid in class who ignored the assignment.
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February 11, 2003
Right now, we are drowning in metaculture. We have enough analysis in lieu of action, enough pondering in lieu of producing -- enough futile idling at the gate. The last thing we need are metamovies, especially ones that put us down for watching them.
December 18, 2002
[Its] failure becomes most obvious in retrospect, when the realization dawns that the most affecting, inventive, and honest moments of the film were those that hewed most closely to the original text.
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December 5, 2002
Too smart to ignore but a little too smugly superior to like, this could be a movie that ends up slapping its target audience in the face by shooting itself in the foot.
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December 6, 2002
A movie far more cynical and lazy than anything a fictitious Charlie Kaufman might object to.
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December 20, 2002
Gradually the movie's one joke plays out, and Charlie's doubts about inserting himself into his own screenplay prove to be well-founded.
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December 29, 2002
Oh, I got it, all right. Maybe a little too well.
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January 8, 2003
The most overrated movie of the year (of all time?) by people who should know better.
August 1, 2003
...trying way too hard to be unique.
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December 30, 2002
Jonze and Kaufman's imaginations may be limitless, but their film could use some intentional grounding.
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January 7, 2003
Is this really a film to be enjoyed for its own sake, or is it a movie that exists to be dissected over Campari and soda at The Club?
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December 6, 2002
'It's narcissistic -- solipsistic... pathetic.' It's very important that Charlie say this, just as Woody Allen must constantly condemn himself in his movies, on the theory that whatever you do on purpose, or at least knowingly, is art.
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December 4, 2002
A thin, smug conceit, and one that gets more tired and exasperating as it goes along...clever, but in a juvenile, self-indulgent fashion.
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December 19, 2002
Adaptation gets an A for audacity and a Z for Zzzzz...
December 20, 2002
A train wreck of a movie, but it's quite a train, and the crash is spectacular.
January 10, 2003
This emperor knows he's naked and shouts that fact to the world.
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January 10, 2003
Mired in the inertia of Charlie's writer's block, as if the real Kaufman never found his own passion for the material.
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January 13, 2003
An inventive movie that is ultimately undermined by its own gimmicky mechanics.
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February 26, 2003
Avoid it like the plague. You may be intrigued until the very Donald Kaufman-esque climax. Who, by the way, isn't even a real person. Therein lies both the joke of the movie, and this joke of a movie.
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January 10, 2003
It is hilarious because it takes the clichés of normal films, exposes them, criticizes them and then has the gall to reiterate them. "Adaptation" and the real Charlie Kaufman have toyed with our heads and leave us laughing at ourselves as much as the Kauf
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