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July 30, 2010
I chose to watch this purely for Kelly Ripa. For a first role, she did okay considering what she had to work with. As for the rest... garbage. Poorly written dialogue and awful performances by Bryan (who wrote it) and the rest of the cast. I realize this is an independent, low budget movie. That explains the poor production values which can be overlooked, but it doesn't excuse the uninteresting story, bland characters and unbelievably bad acting. Not worth the rental, not even for Ripa fans.
February 13, 2009
Wow. First review ever of this. I feel so special.

Well, honestly, I just rented something at the library that I'd never even heard of, in hopes of finding a gem. lol. Well, ok, so I really didn't think I was holding a diamond in the rough, but I did think it might still be slightly enjoyable. Had nothing to lose anyway, since there was nothing else to rent. Sooo...onto this highly anticipated review..

It was ok. Yeah, it really was! I mean, it was definitely an independent flick, with some not-so-top-notch acting, but it was still a good storyline and "message", if you will. I liked it. Heck, I might even watch it again...if it were still a free watch. :/ The worst acting in the whole thing? The guy who STARS in it, portraying himSELF on his real-life journey to becoming an...ACTOR!! ha. That's rich, if you ask me. Ah, well, it was still decent. :)
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