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August 26, 2016
It's OK, nothing special.
Super Reviewer
July 30, 2016
Never heard much about this film so I thought it would be another solid Stallone action film but it turned out to be an action/comedy/romance film there's little action, The comedy wasn't great 9 times out of 10, And there was too much romance especially the last 20 minutes, Stallone tries to save the film but he fails, It's not great or memorable.
½ September 3, 2015
Slow and boring. Not a good role for Stallone
½ August 17, 2014
Stallones biggest flop
December 4, 2013
Frankie Delano (Sylvester Stallone) is a tough bodyguard who vows to protect the beautiful Jennifer Barrett (Madeline Stowe) after her father, mafia kingpin Angelo (Anthony Quinn) is gunned down. Now, with nowhere to turn they must run for their lives, pursued by a murderous hitman determined to strike his target at all costs.

also stars Anthony Quinn, Raoul Bova, Harry Van Gorkum, Billy Gardell, George Touliatos, Angelo Celeste, Ezra Perlman, Carin Moffat, John Gilbert and Dawn Greenhalgh.

directed by Martyn Burke.
April 19, 2013
I have this movie and I watch it all the time!
December 14, 2012
sappy, crappy, cheesy..loved-ed it
½ October 7, 2012
Avenging Angelo Mafia-comedy film directed by Martyn Burke. Starring Sylvester Stallone and Madeleine Stowe also stars late Anthony Quinn in his last film that he appeared.

Frankie (Sylvester Stallone) is longtime protector of aging-mafia-boss Angelo (Anthony Quinn), he's been protecting him and his daughter for years. After Angelo is killed by his enemies, Frankie must approach Angelo's married daughter Jennifer (Madeleine Stowe) who has been brought-up by foster parents.

The most prominent flaw of the movie, is its loose script and storyline, otherwise movie has excellent lighting, and some hilarious-scenes. Sly is one of few actors whom I respect from the bottom of my heart, it's beyond explaining that here in this movie he so lavishly puts his character, he is good to look at. A fair movie!
½ May 31, 2012
A very good Comedy/Action & Adventure.
April 12, 2012
This was a very nice movie. Different role for Sylvester Stallone. Nice romantic comedy and totally recommended :)
December 4, 2011
I liked this movie alot. Stallone was great in this as was Madeline Stowe. :) Just a great movie!
September 12, 2011
Not many know of this film and with good reason. After Sylvester Stallone started losing his "pizzazz" at the Box Office he was regulated to Lesser name studios to finance his star. Although I'm sure there was a good reason for taking on the role in "Avenging Angelo" and on paper it doesn't sound like a bad concept, but on paper doesn't always translate well on screen.

Angelo Allieghieri (Anthony Quinn in his last movie appearance) is a very old mobster. He's one of those kindly, gentlemanly mobsters who only exist in fiction. He's also one of those fictional mobsters who has vast sums of wealth without ever really doing anything. In fact, Angelo seems to have only one employee. That's his bodyguard, Frankie Delano (Sylvester Stallone). Now, here's where the story starts getting stupid and yes, the idiocy in this film does begin even before the open credits are finished. In fact, this is the only movie I've ever seen where you can literally tell that it's not worth watching as the opening credits roll. It seems Angelo gave up his daughter for adoption many years ago. He gave her to a nearby family, gave them enough money to make themselves rich and had Frankie watch out for her during her entire life, without the daughter ever knowing anything about it. Then one day, Angelo and Frankie go out to a restaurant to eat and Frankie leaves Angelo alone to go outside and talk a meter maid out of giving him a ticket. While Frankie does that, a mob hit-man named Bruno (Billy Gardell) walks up to Angelo and shoots him. Yeah, that's right. The bodyguard lets his mobster boss get killed while he's trying to sweet talk his way out of a parking ticket.

After his utter and complete failure, Frankie goes to visit Angelo's long lost daughter. Her name is Jennifer Barrett (Madeline Stowe) and she's just shipped her 7 year old son off to military school and chased her husband out of the house at gunpoint after catching him having sex with one of her friends. Frankie shows the overwrought and heavily drugged (I'm not even going to get into that) Jennifer a video recording of Angelo, explaining her true heritage. Frankie sets himself up as Jennifer's bodyguard. Why does she need a bodyguard? Because mob hit men are now trying to kill her (again, I'm not even going to get into it). While their dealing with that , we're supposed to see that Frankie's been in love with Jennifer since she was a young girl and she's falling for him, until another character who makes absolutely no sense at all comes between them and I think you can figure out what happens after that. Oh, and did I mention this is supposed to be a light-hearted comedy?

When you watch Avenging Angelo, you'll feel sorry for the actors. Sure, they got paid but there's not enough money in the world to adequately compensate them for being associated with this embarrassment. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from their time on this film. You'll especially feel sad for Anthony Quinn and Madeline Stowe. This was Quinn's final film before he died and it is a tragedy for this garbage to be the capstone to his career. Stowe, for her part, tries so hard to carry this movie on her back. Her neurotic housewife turned mafia princess is the source of most of the story's humor and Stowe is not much of a comedienne at all. She tries to make Jennifer quirky and endearing and all she does is make her annoying.

I guess You can feel sorry for Stallone, however. He got to work with Anthony Quinn. Stallone does deserves some credit here, because his performance is pretty good. I think the character works well for him. Granted, his career was at the time going downhill, but proves he can still perform..

Avenging Angelo is filled with some very corny and goofy moments that will have you shaking your head and rolling your eyes. If you have no reason to see this film, then I'm here to tell you don't bother giving yourself one. But if your some kind of "Stallone aficionado" or need to see Screen Legend "Anthony Quinn's" Last film, then I guess you've been warned.
May 26, 2011
March 20, 2011
The most successful comedy performed by Sylverster Stallone.

Even though, you can safely skip it.
March 12, 2011
A very predictable, slow paced romantic drama. Mafia boss' body guard is assigned to guard his daughter who doesn't know she is a Mafia boss' kid. Can you guess the rest of the movie? You can skip this movie.
January 24, 2011
Wow.... Well... very strange movie. I agree with most of the reviews I've read that said that the movie can't decide whether to be a black comedy, slap stick comedy, romantic comedy, or drama. I think they were pushing mostly for comedy... but I think the problem is that they really try too hard to make it funny, so it ends up NOT being funny. In the whole movie there were only about 3-4 funny parts. I did like Bill Conti's score, though; it had a very fun main theme.

Sly did good for the most part, acting-wise, there were a couple parts that didn't really fit his personality. Madeleine Stowe seemed like she was way over-acting in the first half of the movie, but then either I got used to it or she got better as the film went on.

I think, again, the movie was just so strange I'm not even sure what I think about it. Interesting to note, though, that this was Anthony Quinn's very last film (he died of throat cancer just before the film was released), however it's pretty terrible that he gets bumped off in his very last movie...

Anyway, I don't think I would ever watch this again, but I'm not TOTALLY feeling like I want my life back. It was a weird movie, but I think the weirdness is what kept me watching, for some reason, because I'm just thinking 'what in the world is going to happen next?'. It definitely could have been a lot better and a lot funnier. But, oh well.

2/5 stars for this strange movie.
December 3, 2010
If you get a chance to see this movie on Showtime watch it. Loved it but it got Rotten Tomatoes awards. Funny, funny movie.
½ October 16, 2010
... it's not good hahah.
September 18, 2010
i found it most romantic....
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