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June 15, 2015
A rip off of Rope only with little sense other than to befuddle and piss off the movie goer.
July 31, 2012
This is a cult favorite of mine. It's got bad lines and some questionable acting choices BUT if you are interested in horror movies and serial killers then this clear homage to Alfred Hitchcock's 'Rope' will really keep you on the edge of your seat. Jason Mewes is used properly which was rare during this rough period in his career and the rest of the young cast all really did their jobs perfectly in creating quite a unique group of partying friends. I'd recommend this to anybody who liked these sort of topics. The way the film plays out is masterful and really works in my opinion, even when it goes out of its way to pull a gag I still think it all comes together as a great little film that few have seen. Give it a shot.
May 20, 2012
I like this movie because it doesn't steer away from what it's meant to be. A fun hack n slash party movie. And it does it in a very clever and funny way.
½ March 27, 2012
Don't let anyone tell you this is a "slasher" movie because it has as much gore as Rope, Ten Little Indians or the original House on Haunted Hill. It was an interesting idea but I think some of the cast was just wrong (ahem, Jason Mewes) and 2002 was such a gross year, pretty sure half of the cast were high on heroin and/or still sporting the heroin sheik, dark circles around eyes, sickly flesh look, especially considering this was Glenn Quinn's last film before his death.
½ March 6, 2012
weird movie about random murders. low budget movie.
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½ October 1, 2011
It tries to be more of a comedy then a horror. It was pretty bizarre, though.
½ September 28, 2011
The fact that you know what is gonna happen from the beginning kinda kills some of the fun, but R.S.V.P. is still a watchable movie. Even though it's fun to an extent, it's just too predictable and unbelievable. 5/10


Would you really be laughing and joking right after you see all your friends die. I understand that it's over, the killer is dead, but why are you so cheerful right now?
June 5, 2010
Not a bad movie but it's not 33 hours long like this thing says
January 17, 2010
where can i watch it, ive been to every site on the net and cant find it
½ December 26, 2009
R.S.V.P. would've been heaps better if they shortened the length of the heavy partying at the beginning of the movie and focused more on character development imho.

Regardless, I for one thought R.S.V.P. was still a pretty fun and enjoyable watch, especially while under the influence of drugs and heavy liquor!
½ August 12, 2009
I liked this movie. It was smarter than your typical "straight to video" slash-a-thon and brought up some good themes. There is a lot of dialogue between the actors discussing serial killers, murder motives and the "arthouse" sense to killing. It centers around one night of a dude killing his friends at a party and pulling off "the perfect crime". All the while the kids are getting drunk, stoned and trying to get laid. That spells "fun times" for me right off the bat. The setting in which it was all displayed in was awesome too. A rich yuppie mansion-like apartment in Vegas. Nice! The kills here were not gory and that actually made them more grisly. My imagination filled in the rest and actually had me squirming! It references a lot of "Hitchcock" (primarily Rope) and I think that was the style that this movie was going for. Nothing wrong with mixing in the classics! Galluzzo did an awesome job here and served the storyline with his directing. Many crazy angles, neat editing, and even whiffs of Hitchcock's directing style came up in parts. Good job there. I was also very impressed with the soundtrack here. It went from classical pieces, to country, to rock, electronica etc. It was very different and I haven't seen so much range in a soundtrack for one movie before. Awesome. Lastly, the cast were all awesome in their roles and made me envious that they were having this much fun while getting killed off one by one. Glenn Quinn (RIP) was awesome yet again here. Rick Otto was hilarious and very effective as the host (killer). Brandi Andres was hot and credible. Majandra Delfino was excellent again in her role. Jason Mewes even shows up in an all-too-familiar role (was that part WRITTEN for Jay?) and is still funny. Again, every single party member was great and I was surprised by all their deliveries. Sadly, it was the final act of the movie that let me down big time. It got very conventional, which was disappointing considering it was a very clever movie up until that point. We get the "why" behind the killings in another ramble, a REALLY lame chase (that also goes on for too long) and an ending that was humorous, but really disappointing. The movie also missed the ball when it tried to be really funny. I had Jason Mewes for my humor, don't overdo it! But this movie is far beyond your typical slasher and is well worth it if you dig. It's very different in its presentation and had me smirking a lot while watching. Now if only I could attend this type of party...
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June 15, 2009
(2002 Director: Mark Anthony) Willing to see it for satire--a dark comedy? Murder and sociopathy is no joke. To ignore this social occurrence would be folly.
½ May 2, 2009
There are three reasons I wanted to see this movie, Jason Mewes, Glenn Quinn and seeing my two favourite universes (The Askewniverse and The Whedonverse) collide. It also helped that both of them played extremely similar characters to "Jay" and "Doyle". With an indie flick like this, I wasn't expecting anything more than what I got, which is a chance to see two people I really liked, in an unlikely pairing, within the same frame. That, alone, made seeing the movie worth it. Plus, as a bonus, Brandi Andres is pretty as fuck. The movie itself was actually pretty decent. Obviously, it won't live up to people who liked the Hitchcock film, 'Rope', since they'll compare the two and well, I don't think any remake of a Hitchcock film will be well-received. Having never seen, 'Rope', however, I was free to judge this movie on its own merits. It kind of drags along and some of the dialogue seems too forced and unnatural. There's no tension or mystery built up and the ending was predictable but still serviceable until they decided to switch the guy who would eventually wind up being the hero. Besides the disappointing ending, however, I still managed to overlook all of its faults and derive some enjoyment out of it. I don't think it's an especially great film nor is it a fitting sendoff for the late, great Glenn Quinn. But you know what, it was worth it just to see him again.
September 28, 2008
A decent horror movie. Worth checking out with some decent acting.
August 25, 2008
Jason Mewes owned in this movie... "My body runs on caffeene, nicotine... T.H.C... L.S.D... and Chef Boyardee!!!
½ August 7, 2008
Sorta like watching an episode of TV reality show Big Brother crossed with American Psycho.
½ June 9, 2008
Engaging until the end, when it took on the form of a USA TV special. And it kinda ruined it for me. Jason Mewes was funny, as usual, as himself.
May 8, 2008
I loved this film. Clever Idea. The killings were great but didn't show the true gore of it all. not blood ect. Also Glen Quinn (RIP) and Jason Mewes are in this so bound to be interesting
March 30, 2008
as a remake of sorts it's better the the 1998 version of "Psycho".
the ending may not fit the film well, but it's a damned good watch.
½ March 29, 2008
Terrible piece of shit.
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