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October 19, 2007
this isn't the blackball i'm thinking of!
September 15, 2007
haha, not this Blackball but the British Comedy featuring the guy who did Dennis Pennis.
½ April 22, 2007
plenty of action.....check it out.
December 31, 2006
its a sports comedy. theres like no point to it. and its not funny. its a turkey. dont watch it.
July 3, 2005

100% (FRESH) :fresh:

2 THUMBS UP :up: :up:
June 22, 2005
Hey EEEEEverybody,

I, just realized that I can only rate 5 movies at a time. That is the maximum that you can do at once. It wont permit you to rate any more. I was gonna do 10, but gotta stick with 5. Anyway, here it goes.

[u]HITCH-[/u] I gave a 6. I have actually seen this movie 3 times. Twice in the theatre, and once just the night before last. Anyway, I gave it a six because I enjoyed watching it and it has a very good storyline. (Seeing Eva Mendez doesn't hurt either).

[u]TEAM AMERICA WORLD POLICE-[/u] Okay, you might think I'm crazy for giving this movie an 8. But, I think it is friggin hillarious. I have only seen it a couple of times, but I remember most of the lines from the movie. I just think it is a gut busting comedy. Really I think there is no other way they could have pulled off the movie beside using puppetts.

[u]SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMMOROW-[/u] Alright, so I gave this one a 6. Despite all of the wonderful actors in this (Sci-fi) movie, I think it took too long to take off. I know the picture was supposed to be all different, but I wasn't too big on that either. I just think that it lacked a lot, but still after it FINALLY took off, it got way way more interesting.

[u]TERMINAL-[/u] Alright, so Terminal gets a 5. Some of you might slap me for that. Of course, it was a good movie, and had wonderful acting by Tom Hanks' part, and well, most everyone else in the movie, but Tom Hanks especially. Anyway, I just think that the movie was somewhat predictable, and your just waiting to see what you already know is gonna happen. I mean, come on, it takes place in an airport.

[u]NATIONAL LAMPOONS BLACK BALL-[/u] This one gets a well deserving 2. The only reason it gets that much is because it was somewhat funny. Out of all of the National Lampoon movies that I have seen, this one has to be the worst. Later on you will see my ratings for the others. I mean, most of them are funny, but this one was more stupid than anything. I know what your thinkin Amanda, "all of them are stupid". Yes, I agree, but I sometimes like watching a very stupid funny movie.

Well, thats it for today, I guess I will rate some more movies tomorrow.

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