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½ May 4, 2009
This is a truly elevating movie! It does have a lot of cursing in it though. The performances is on point, Omar Epps really did a dazzling job in this. I thought this was going to be boring but to my surprise it is quite the opposite. Outstanding job done
March 26, 2009
Pretty slow movie but it's got a good message and it's based on a true story. Stuff based on true stories always grab my attention a little bit more than the average flick.
February 11, 2009
Nice portrayal of Carl Upchurch, brought together gangs to get peace amongst them.

Also the only movie I ever got a credit in :-)
August 4, 2008
First I thought i wouldnt like it, then
July 12, 2007
Fantastic. A Touching and Inspirational story of one mans struggle to overcome societys expectations and find his true voice
June 11, 2007
This movie has sentimental value to me. After researching and contacting some of the people the movie was based on, it made me reliaze that anything is possible if you really want it.
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