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November 16, 2019
You get the feeling that somewhere buried deep inside Le Divorce is a good film waiting to get out. It's just a shame this talented cast and crew didn't take a little more time to find it.
January 11, 2018
The tone veers capriciously from sophisticated comedy to broad farce and melodrama, with too many digressions for it to be more than fitfully amusing.
November 24, 2012
December 25, 2010
Not a frothy romantic comedy.
December 30, 2006
January 20, 2005
Its annoying need to be witty, profound, funny, and charming at all times makes what could have been a smart comedy a tiresome exercise in pleasing its audience.
December 6, 2004
At the end when we should be thinking about love and lessons of maturity, we are left with Isabel shrugging off her latest mistake and charging headlong into who-knows-what.
June 23, 2004
Le Divorce is tres mediocre.
June 4, 2004
It's difficult to find a character to connect with.
March 3, 2004
I saw this AFTER I watched Gigli, and it's STILL the worst film I've seen in the last twelve months.
February 22, 2004
...the ending does nothing to dispel the feeling that one has just wasted 117 minutes of one's life on empty gestures.
February 2, 2004
January 2, 2004
[E]ven fans of the filmmakers will be hardpressed to consider this one of their great ones.
December 31, 2003
...[T]here is such an availability for space in which to work...dramatic or comedic, that Ivory leaves the living room floor open...without ever actually filling it.
October 26, 2003
too many undeveloped plot strands and a dozen too many famous faces, who keep popping up and then disappearing like some kind of star-studded carousel.
October 7, 2003
Helmed by a modern auteur and featuring a stellar case, "Le Divorce" could have been a good film... but ironically it fell prey to lack of direction.
September 14, 2003
Le Divorce has more subplots than a casino has slot machines. That's the problem. This is not a bad movie; it's an overstuffed movie.
September 10, 2003
Oh sure, on paper, this all looks glamorous and tempting. But in reality, it is tiring and surprisingly boring.
September 6, 2003
Francophiles may find the scenery and the culture amusing; most other viewers will just find a more contemporary version of boredom.
September 4, 2003
I have to admit I thought I'd sooner see a Wendy's bacon cheeseburger in Le Divorce before a slit, bloody wrist.
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