Grind Reviews

August 21, 2003
Brody and Vogel anchor the cast, portraying likeable, charismatic dudes with a friendship that is genuine and enduring in spite of their differences.
August 17, 2003
Bursting with energy and highlighted by some exciting skateboarding sequences (the more dedicated will wish for more), Grind has its laugh-out- loud moments.
August 15, 2003
What Grind lacks in cinematic skill, it makes up for in heart, which is what most dudes-in-arms flicks are missing.
August 15, 2003
You leave feeling glad instead of cheated, and for a summer movie, that's a pretty big accomplishment.
August 15, 2003
Oh, c'mon, Grind is mindless fun most of the time and if you pretend for a moment you're about 12-15 years old, its totally awesome!
August 14, 2003
It may not be deep, but it's sincere -- even a bit weird.