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½ May 21, 2014
I got to say is that "The Missing" is one dreadful and complicated western thriller I have have seen. The performances that is given in this movie are terrible. "Cate Blanchett gives a solid performances, but not enough to hold the attention." But she try to make a good performances I have to say about that. The directing by Ron Howard is fine. The screenplay by Kenneth Kaufman is okay. The score is fine. Not a good movie at all!
April 28, 2014
Directed by Ron Howard, and adapted from Thomas Eidson's 1996 novel The Last Ride. Howard picked up this film after his plans to do a new version of The Alamo fell through, so he looked for another western, and this was on his to-do list at the time. It has a very good cast all giving stellar performances, but it does drag quite a bit and it all comes across as being very melodramatic. Set in New Mexico in 1885, Maggie Gilkeson (Cate Blanchett) lives on a ranch with her two daughters Lilly (Evan Rachel Wood) and Dot (Jenna Boyd), she is visited by her estranged father Samuel Jones (Tommy Lee Jones), who abandoned Maggie years before, but she is still unable to forgive him. But when Lilly ends up being kidnapped by hoodlum Pesh-Chidin (Eric Schweig), who also killed Maggie's boyfriend Brake Baldwin (Aaron Eckhart) in the process. Maggie must team up with Samuel if they stand any chance of getting her back. They team up with Native American Kayitah (Jay Tavare) who is looking for his son taken by the gang. It is a film which tries to do good, and Howard is the right man to do a western, but he could have done better than this and it's all been done ages ago in other westerns, which comes across a bit heavy and soppy in a lot of places, and he does get some brilliant performances from his cast, Blanchett especially
April 16, 2014
one of the best movies that I have seen in a while.
March 30, 2014
I feel this is one of Tommy Lee's best
February 26, 2014
While the film benefits from its casts great performances and strong emotional attachment that emulates from them, the film ultimately capitulates to generic ideas that fail to spark any real interest or depth within its story.
January 19, 2014
great western movie directed by Ron howard. great actors, storyline and year is 1885. it has a lot of drama and action and its interesting to watch tommy Lee Jones play a half Indian. very entertaining.
January 2, 2014
Ron Howard is a talented & eclectic director. This time he tackles the western genre to tell the story of struggling single mother facing the kidnapping of her daughter by Apaches. Very well shot, well acted this film will give you a good run for your money.
November 3, 2013
Too much going on, too long. Cate does do her best to try and rescue the story, though.
October 27, 2013
A visually impressive and well acted Western if somewhat run of the mill in its story.
Super Reviewer
½ September 28, 2013
Not even with the names in this movie can keep me awake during this long uninteresting and uncaptivating movie!
August 28, 2013
The Missing is a film I was hesitant in seeing. It is not a film I would normally see since I am not really a fan of westerns. The only western films that I care about are the remake of True Grit and Cowboys and Aliens (I count it as a western). The old west is not really a time period that I am that interested in. However, when I saw that this would have Tommy Lee Jones in it I decided to give it a try. I also like the story, which is not your typical story for a western and neither are the characters. I saw the film and, to be honest, I found the film a bit weak. I do not really know who this is for. This film is not a typical western. This film does not follow a cowboy or a band of cowboys, but focuses on the Indian side of things. The main characters are a female and a fake Indian. The film is also not that action packed, but more of a drama. The film does not have much for romance either. Even fans of westerns may be put off by this. Plus most of the cast is not that interesting.
The Missing is about a woman named Maggie (Cate Blanchett) who lives with her two daughters Dot and Lily. She also lives with a man named Brake (Aaron Eckhart) who helps support the family. One night her father, Samuel Jones (Tommy Lee Jones) comes back into her life to offer her money. Maggie hates her father because he left her a long time ago. Eventually Brake, Dot, and Lily leave to go to the city and are attacked by rogue Apache Indians and kidnap Lily. Then Maggie, her father, and the younger daughter, Dot, track the Apache down to get Lily back.
What saves this film from being bad are the two leads. You have the female lead Maggie (Cate Blanchett) and her father Samuel Jones (Tommy Lee Jones). Maggie is definitely a tough female lead that you do not see in a lot of westerns. You also have Tommy Lee Jones playing the father and he is great. Tommy Lee Jones is great in anything he plays even if the movie is bad. He is one of my favorite actors and is the best aspect of this film. I like the father-daughter relationship they have going on. Most people will not like this, but I like that there is no romance in this film. There is a little at the beginning with Aaron Eckhart' character, but not much overall. This film is about Maggie and her father coming to terms with each other, which I personally find more interesting.
The film does have problems. For one I do not like that Aaron Eckhart's character gets killed so early in the film. I like Aaron Eckhart as an actor. I know this was before he was a big name, but I did not care for it. I thought it was a waste of a talented actor. Also, the little girl, Dot, I found to be useless. The film is about the relationship between Maggie and her father. Dot seemed she was just along for the ride. She did not contribute much. The film could have been done without her.
Another problem is that aside from the two leads there are no interesting characters. The little girl, Dot, was not that interesting. The other daughter I did not care for either. I felt like I barely got to know her. Before she got captured the only thing we know about her is that she does not like the country life and wants to move to the city. In most of her scenes in the beginning she is just whining. Aaron Eckhart's character we knew little about. How did he come to meet with Maggie? Before we get to know him he dies. We also come across and Indian and his son who are friends with Maggie's father, who are not interesting either. We really know nothing about these two.
Also, the villain is rather lame. He is just a typical bad guy with no depth at all. He is not interesting at all. I personally thought that this was going to be more of a mystery story set in the old west. I thought it would be Maggie and her father trying to find out who kidnapped her daughter and track him down and not show the villain until near the end. However, it turns out to be just a chase movie and it is not that interesting.
Overall, The Missing is not a film that I would see again soon. I am not a fan of westerns, but I also just do not like the story or most of the character. The two main characters are what save the film for me especially Tommy Lee Jones. I liked the father-daughter relationship going on.
July 25, 2013
Intense, gritty, but somewhat flawed. At the very least it serves as another reminder of just how cool Tommy Lee Jones really is.
July 21, 2013
I'm honestly surprised by the mixed reviews this thing's been getting, because it's terrible. Absolutely, positively terrible.
½ July 6, 2013
The Missing (2003) -- [5.5] -- Ron Howard directs Cate Blanchett and Tommy Lee Jones in "The Missing," an estranged father/daughter bonding flick by way of "The Searchers." The story is set in motion after Blanchett's eldest daughter is kidnapped by an evil Apache mystic who is collecting young women to sell at the Mexican border. Blanchett and Jones are reliably good, and Jenna Boyd is superb as the youngest of Blanchett's daughters, but the movie gets more predictable and less interesting as it goes. With Evan Rachel Wood, Val Kilmer, and Aaron Eckhart.
June 17, 2013
When a long estranged father who left his daughter to adopt a Native American identity returns, his now grown ranch owner daughter send him away. However, just then her daughter goes missing and they are inevitably brought back together. Aims at being a western sensitive to all cultures, ends up being quite powerless and overstretched. In the end, the only impressive aspect of this western lies in its photography.
½ May 28, 2013
Jones is magnificent but is offset by a poorly cast Blanchett in a mediocre Howard picture. Ron Howard is hit and miss, and when he hits, damn is it good. But this is definitely a misfire.
May 26, 2013
fantastic western/thriller. damn good movie
April 14, 2013
I like this movie a lot. I think it's been way underrated.
April 10, 2013
Very solid drama/thriller, all the production values are topnotch, nice locations, cinematography, music, and the acting is all really good, then again we should expect nothing less from blanchett jones eckhart and even the little girl was really good, while the story isnt anything new, estranged father and daughter trying to find missing girl, its done just as good as you can expect, i was def rooting for them all to make it, the only complaint is that some of the indian magic stuff ended up actually being real, even tho it was supposed to be a realistic movie, and the kidnapped girl was annoying at times, overall tho very solid
March 23, 2013
AWW FRICK ! The MPAA Rating is R.
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