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½ March 2, 2014
I wanted to give this 2 1/2 stars but the web site wouldn't let me.

An OK film and a sorta interesting way to pass part of an afternoon. Daryl Hannah did a competent job as did the other actors except Brad Renfro who I found to be unconvincing as an ex-priest. The ending wasn't a sure thing but one of several ways I thought it might end.
½ January 29, 2012
So awful I actually fast forwarded through the last 40 minutes. It was that bad, I did not need to hear the words to know exactly what was going on. This movie was truly terrible, probably why there are no other reviews of it!!!
½ September 28, 2008
For a low budget movie, this wasn't too bad. Daryl Hannah sure got ugly though.
April 25, 2008
excellent movie..... goes behind the life ofa professional killer..... her pregnancy.... seems to bring alive past experiences which have made her into what she has become in the present. very optimistic ending.
March 10, 2008
This is my favorit action movi...the girl is hot and she woud woop the shit out of the chik from kill bill...
½ February 23, 2008
Un "petit film" qui offre une nouvelle vision du tueur à gages, tout en étant prenant et bien joué. Une bonne surprise, que tout amateur du genre se doit de voir.
½ December 29, 2007
This was the worst movie I saw. Not a good role for Daryl Hannah. Terrible acting and didn't like the story line.
December 7, 2007
this is a movie that i made in high school, see thats adam on the front. well not really but 2003 is the same year that my "the job came out so take that
½ July 13, 2007
Not what i thought it would be.
December 3, 2006
I would like to see this, i think...
November 12, 2006
i like it soooo much
June 16, 2006
this movie was really cool.
February 6, 2004
Pavement walks a fine line between feature film and movie-of-the-week, but features a quietly intense performance by Robert Patrick as a hunter/tracker sniffing out the trail of his sister's killer. Lauren Holly is fine as the lead detective who first doubts, and then relies heavily, on the abilities of this stranger to solve the case. The script is somewhat weak and Patrick's character figures things out a little too easily to keep us guessing. The audience sees the thinly veiled climax coming a mile away and you'll spend the last 1/3 of the film waiting for the characters to figure out what you already know. Overall, Pavement is an ok diversion but certainly nowhere near the best film of the genre'.

The Job is labeled an action/adventure, but contains neither. Daryl Hannah is CJ, a hit woman who wants out of the profession, but must first follow the bloody trail left by 20 kilos of blow - killing whoever is in possession of it and returning it to her boss. The drugs ultimately end up with a teenage couple (Dominique Swain & Brad Renfro) who see it as their ticket to a better way of life - if they can just get someone to take it off their hands. CJ catches up to the pair and is prepared to knock them off until she realizes the girl is pregnant. You see, CJ has just discovered that SHE is pregnant and becomes twisted up in the moral implication of killing a pregnant woman. The irony is, while we're supposed to believe that CJ finds killing another's child morally objectionable, she has no problem deciding to take the life of her own - a decision that she may or may not follow through with. There is a sub-plot involving CJ's involvement with an ex-priest who seems hell bent on saving her from herself, but I had a hard time believing that a guy like Rick would fall so hard for a woman whose soul has seen so much damage. The performances are mediocre all the way around and, at times, the movie feels like a really bad Lifetime movie. The Job comes to a frenetic, and wholly unbelievable, climax and leaves several loose ends dangling - suggesting (and I truly hope I'm wrong) that a sequel may be in the works. Everyone involved with THIS Job should have been fired!
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