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November 16, 2007
I LOVE On Edge! Frazer Lee is phenomenal!
½ November 16, 2007
funny, sick and twisted short story that'll certainly have you begging NOT to go to the dentist any time soon! brill performance from doug bradley and mr boorman & sick sfx from bob keen who help make this an instant classic in my book!
November 16, 2007
Horror = Not interested.
½ October 29, 2006
Very very funny and perceptive mockumentary on the figure skating industry. The performances are dead on perfect, great pace, finely directed and a highly entertaining movie. Definitely a must see!
March 25, 2004
:rotten: On Edge was a disappointment. I don't even know what I thought it was gonna be. Basically it's making fun of figure skating. It would have been better if the jokes were actually funny.

:fresh: Shattered Glass was very good. This movie follows the rise and fall of Stephen Glass who was exposed as a fraudulent journalist. Hayden Christensen is proving that he can do emotion well. I know lots of people aren't impressed with him but these are where he shines as an actor in my opinion. He shows the emotional instability of the journalist so well. The movie doesn't show all journalists as friends. It shows how cutthroat that business can become.
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