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½ June 7, 2017
After-prom party weekend on an island heads for trouble when the small plane they are travelling in crashes in water and passengers are forced to a remote area. Things are tense but loosen up quickly with the discovery of vodka and an evening game of strip spin-the-bottle. The group narrowly escapes the island by stealing the plane of some criminals who threaten their lives. Good film. I love Betsy Russell!
June 14, 2009
Day: Thursday
Date: 27 Nov 2003
Amt: 55 Rs
Time: 6.30pm
Over at: 8.50pm
With: Ismail, Fatema
Theatre: Eros, Mumbai
Seat No: R101, R102, R103
November 4, 2008
wasn't too bad definately B rated
April 26, 2008
don't even think about watching it!!!
February 27, 2008
SO bad that it's good.
July 2, 2007
HE was Awesome in this movie!!!
½ September 2, 2006
just take my word and dont watch this...
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