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The Reckoning Quotes

  • Lord de Guise: Between faith and reason lies the only true God--power.

  • Lord de Guise: We decide our destiny. Fate is the religion of the weak. And you don't strike me as weak.

  • Nicholas: You soothe your conscience with grand phrases, but it's a weak, contemptible man who trades in the lives of others.

  • Martin: I wish I was half the man my father was and half the father you deserve.

  • Martin: For heaven's sake, we're actors, not judges.
    Nicholas: That's exactly what we have become.

  • Jack Flint: Who dares play things that happen in this world?
    Tobias: It was just a question o time.
    Tobias: It was just a question of time.
    Martin: But this is the way plays will be made in times to come.

  • Tobias: When I think of the respect our profession used to command.

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