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Jack Black and Ben Stiller fail to wring laughs from a script that's essentially one extended poop joke.



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After delivering a critical and box-office hit with 2001's Bandits, director Barry Levinson once again takes on the comedy genre with Envy. The film stars Ben Stiller and Jack Black as Tim Dingman and Nick Vanderpark, two middle-class working stiffs and life-long pals. When Nick comes up with an invention that does away with pet droppings, he and his wife, Natalie (Amy Poehler), suddenly find themselves obscenely rich. However, Tim has a hard time getting used to his friend's good fortune and becomes jealous, putting an increasing amount of tension between the two. Also starring Rachel Weisz, Envy was written by first-time screenwriter Steve Adams from an idea concocted by Adams and Seinfeld creator Larry David.


Ben Stiller
as Tim Dingman
Jack Black
as Nick Vanderpark
Rachel Weisz
as Debbie Dingman
Amy Poehler
as Natalie Vanderpark
Ariel Gade
as Lula Dingman
Sam Lerner
as Michael Dingman
Lily Jackson
as Nellie Vanderpark
Connor Matheus
as Nathan Vanderpark
Hector Elias
as Eduardo
Angee Hughes
as Woman at Play
Terry Bozeman
as 3M Worker
Brian Reddy
as Mr. Parmenter
E.J. Callahan
as Bartender
as Lester
John Marrott
as State Trooper
Daniel Lugo
as Italian Minister
Frank Roman
as Translator
Amy D. Higgins
as Vanderpark Nanny
Curtis Andersen
as Young Kissing Man
Maricela Ochoa
as Dr. Fernandez
Tara Karsian
as Lab Assistant
Ted Rooney
as Upscale Auctioneer
Douglas Roberts
as Downscale Auctioneer
Melissa Pouk
as Girl No. 1 at Play
Ashlynn Rose
as Girl No. 2 at Play
Hannah Rosenberg
as Girl No. 3 at Play
Atiana Coons-Parker
as Girl No. 4 at Play
Jacob Greenblatt
as Boy No. 1 at Play
Cayden Boyd
as Boy No. 2 at Play
Nicholas Sugimoto
as Boy No. 3 at Play
Jaye K. Danford
as Campaign Emcee
Gustavo Hernández
as Pool Worker
Ken Shocknek
as Newscaster
Tracy Dixon
as Teacher at Play
Kent Shocknek
as Newscaster
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Audience Reviews for Envy

  • Jan 12, 2012
    Despite the line-up, Envy was a near complete failure. It had a story to keep it going, but it wasn't a very good story, and despite Ben Stiller and casts best efforts, it landed in theaters with a thud. It was so hard, it didn't even bounce. Not even a cult following. Even though there are some funny moments, there just aren't enough to make the movie work.
    Jason C Super Reviewer
  • Nov 22, 2011
    Really boring bad plot
    Daniel D Super Reviewer
  • Jul 04, 2011
    this is one of those films that should of been released direct to dvd. this was a turkey and only received a release due to stiller and blacks talents. the story is bland and i didn't remember even smiling or laughing, stay clear of this
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • May 16, 2011
    It was badly written, could've been SO MUCH better with all the casts they got. None of the jokes are funny, the acting was also very awful. Forgettable.
    Cita W Super Reviewer

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