Perfect Strangers Reviews

Jan 1, 2005
Jun 10, 2004
When horror heroines are this lame-brained, my impulse is to start rooting against them.
Jun 10, 2004
It's a movie that fails so miserably in its weirdo aspirations that you'll wish you were watching that bad '80s sitcom of the same name (with Balkie, remember?).
Apr 9, 2004
A cross between Cast Away and Swept Away, carefully flitting between the quality and pretentiousness of them both as it constantly reinvents itself.
Nov 9, 2003
Preston's screenplay is ingenious, drawing on British classics like Cul-de-Sac and The Servant to constantly undermine audience expectations.
Oct 3, 2003
Even David Lynch would watch this and yell out "what the crap!"
Sep 22, 2003
If you're looking for thrills, probing questions, great acting, a meandering, but always engaging, plotline, as well as a unique vision.
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