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January 25, 2016
Cuanto trama y personajes no ofrece mucho, pero la maravillosa interpretación de Tom Hanks y el estilo encantador de Spielberg hacen que la película salga adelante.
½ January 13, 2016
The Terminal is a nice peaceful movie for you to watch with your grandma, it is nice, sweet and hits home for me.
½ January 6, 2016
A cute feel-good film. I really do mean feel-good. This is no different from one of Tom Hanks's earlier films "You've got mail", in terms of how cheesy, cute, emotional and somewhat unrealistic it plays out. I was willing to go along with some of the unrealistic elements, because it is a movie after all, and it is a movie's job to create a world with its owns set of rules. 'Rules were made to be broken", I paraphrase a line from a chief official in the movie, but some of the more important rules of this film have been broken that don't movie it up to the ranks of the great movies in my opinion. Speilberg's films tend to have quite a bit of schmaltzy sentimentality, and this film is no exception. It was also interesting to see how Speilberg, who has made a big war film prior (I'll leave it you guys to decide which one I'm referring to), to actually keep a war in the background in this film, and actually follow an unassuming victim of a war as he struggles to keep his identity.

Again, I don't think its a bad film, but Its purely solid spectacle entertainment at its core, with some very thoughtful questions and ideas. It is, however, afraid, as most Hollywood pictures are, to make more sense. To have its audience ask more important questions, to think more outside the box and to have some bigger connection to reality. And yes, I am aware that many movies I've seen don't have realistic worlds, but then again, its all about the context of that world. I don't watch "Animaniacs" and expect the world to be very realistic (and I would actually pick any episode of "Animaniacs" over this film any time of the day); incidentally Spielberg produced "Animaniacs" via Amblin Entertainment.

All in all, it is a thoughtful, heart warming film, but a flawed one nonetheless.
January 4, 2016
I have to say that I love steven spielberg (it is my favorite movie director by far) and this is why I love him, even with a silly premise, can do a perfect and very sweet movie, always you can feel him (spielberg) is behind it, in every scene, in every camera move, he always find a way to make the movie by his own.
Ton Hanks, wonderful, I think this is one of his best performances as a foreign who wants to get into new york and can´t speak english, the supporting cast it´s outstanding, everyone of them who surround Victor has that magic, very sweetnes who every comedy movie needs.
the score it´s simply amazing, it still in my head yet jeje, beautiful.
maybe it hasn´t the best screenplay of all time, but it still a worth and very funny and smart script.
I absolutely spent a very good time, laughing, very funny.
at the end...that´s why we love the movies: we want to be transported to another world or get out from the world from 2 hours, this movie did it with me, it might do it with you.
absolutely a worth see.
January 1, 2016
Tom Hanks plays a character from a fictional former Soviet state stuck between countries and thus has to spend his days in the airport. While a comedy-drama with elements of romance, the film displays a message of the dangers of finding oneself as a stateless person in our world.

The comedy in this from Tom Hanks is more physical and it just about passes the 'six-laugh test' for a successful comedy. However, I suspect Spielberg imagined the audience to smile wryly rather than out loud at his actions and predicament. It certainly attempts to tug at the heartstrings and Spielberg has done this well. However, at 128 minutes it is way too long; there is a brilliant 90 minute drama-comedy in there somewhere. The romantic element with Catherine Zeta-Jones' flight attendant character was also quite unbelievable.

The characters are inconsistent in their interests as the film progresses, particularly Stanley Tucci's character who appeared to change his mind as to what he actually wanted. There were also a number of endings to the film- I counted three- but the one which they settled on was probably also the weakest. However, you can rarely go wrong with Tom Hanks and this is a decent feel-good film either way.
November 1, 2015
A sickly sweet romcom from Spielberg and Hanks.
October 31, 2015
Perfecto como siempre Tom Hanks
October 28, 2015
Very intresting how you could have such a boring place for a movie & yet have a Great movie, loved John Williams Score for this film. The Credits were cool.
October 17, 2015
I enjoyed it. It was cute. Simple, but cute. 6.5/10
October 13, 2015
While nowhere near Spielberg's best work, this sweet, heartwarming film, filled with fun, quirky characters, is enough to brighten anyone's day.
October 7, 2015
A fun movie that you're always in the mood to watch!
½ September 8, 2015
A microcosm inverse Casablanca where only Rick can't leave. Sporting an enduring performance by Tom Hanks, it provides a charming tale that gets a bit too claustrophobic with itself.
September 2, 2015
very charming but sad
August 28, 2015
I hate tom hanks...i just like every movie he's in, and this one's good
August 7, 2015
The terminal is a beautiful movie, from Krakozhia to the United States. Of course it makes several mistakes to be a script very focused on a man, who plays his activities in one place, but Steven Spielberg makes his best effort, and the result is pretty good.

I think you can have a good time watching it, since it contains a bit of several cinematographic genres, however I must admit that at times is a little boring. Is not so necessary to emphasize, that Tom Hanks is excellent as usual.
August 1, 2015
Hilarious Movie With Comical performances of Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones this movie is so Good that,
I'm gonna give The Terminal an A-
July 30, 2015
Viktor Navorski is a visitor to New York from Eastern Europe. His homeland erupts in a fiery coup, while he is in the air en route to America. Stranded at Kennedy Airport with a passport from nowhere, he is unauthorized to actually enter the United States and must improvise his days and nights in the terminal's international transit lounge, until the war at home is over. As the weeks and months stretch on, Viktor finds the compressed universe of the terminal to be a richly complex world of absurdity, generosity, ambition, amusement, status, serendipity--and even romance with a beautiful flight attendant named Amelia. But he has long worn out his welcome with airport official Frank Dixon, who considers Viktor a bureaucratic glitch--a problem he cannot control but wants desperately to erase.
½ June 30, 2015
This Hanks movie is my guilty pleasure. Should be PG. Ages 8+
½ June 9, 2015
While not as outstanding or consistent as his other works, Spielberg's The Terminal still works thanks to Tom hanks's typical brilliant work, an amiable cast and enough tender heartedness
May 16, 2015
Tom Hanks is my favorite actor. He is just brilliant. great direction by Spielberg.
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