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September 17, 2016
One of the must see movies! Absolutely mind blowing performance by Tom Hanks and in my belief one of Mr. Spielberg's best works. It is a favorite in my family and we all truly enjoy seeing it. I'd give it 10 stars, 5 doesn't do it justice.
September 9, 2016
It's easy to get past the absurdity of the premise of a man trapped into living in a JFK terminal by bureaucratic rules, because of the charm and humor of the story. Tom Hanks is irresistible.
August 13, 2016
Victor Navorksi (played by Tom Hanks), a man from the Eastern European
nation of Krakozhia, flies into JFK airport. At Customs he is forbidden
entry to the USA - Krakozhia has been taken over in a coup and the US
does not currently recognise the new regime, or nation. In addition,
the borders of Krakozhia are now closed. This leaves Victor in limbo -
he cannot enter the US or go back to Krakozhia. While waiting for the
diplomatic situation to sort itself out he is forced to live in the
International Transit section of JFK, living off his own
resourcefulness. He also makes some new friends along the way.

Painful to watch. The movie had heaps of potential as a wry look at
diplomacy and international politics and how it affects everyday
people. Instead director Steven Spielberg tries to make this
thought-provoking situation into a comedy.

Not that it's funny. Well, maybe if you're 10 years old, it's funny,
but if you've got a developed sense of humour or any degree of
intelligence, it's not funny at all. 10-year-olds do seem to be the
target market as the "humour" is corny and involves cultural
stereotypes, no-speak-English farce and other cheap shots.

Continuing the made-for-kids theme, the movie quickly regenerates into
a poor downtrodden hero vs all-powerful bad guy caper. Pity that the
"bad guy", the head of security for JFK, is actually trying to help
Victor, while doing his job. He gives Victor ample opportunities and
avenues to improve his situation but Victor is too stupid to take them.
Yet Spielberg makes him the bad guy and Victor the good guy.

There is also a romantic drama element to this. Once again, it's more
kids' fantasy than anything approaching reality. The catering
guy-customs woman story was very stupid and contrived. The Victor- air
hostess story was a bit more realistic, but very trite.

Tom Hanks delivers easily his most irritating performance, laying on
the faux Russian accent and no-speak-English shtick so thick that it is
impossible to like Victor.

Then we have inconsistencies in character behaviour, sub-plots that go
nowhere, random stuff that just happens to sort out a situation, cheesy sentimentality. The
only times I liked the movie were when Victor showed some
resourcefulness (eg the baggage trolleys/25c).

What a mess.
July 19, 2016
Probably would've been better had I not known how much better Spielberg and Hanks are capable of.
July 1, 2016
The worst movie ever made!
June 21, 2016
A fun Tom Hanks performance carries this sweet and charming Spielberg film.
½ June 20, 2016
Not the first time I've seen this one but even for a die-hard Spielberg fan The Terminal can slip under the radar. I'm constantly amazed by the range Tom Hanks has in his performances. Here he's just an ordinary citizen from another country in Eastern Europe and you don't see Tom Hanks. The subtleties in his character are great. What elevates this are the characters around him, loud and full of agendas. While I don't think Hanks' goal is particularly strong, it's commendable. Antagonists are simple and the romance is actually profound. Navorski's honesty, patience, and virtuous inclinations are what carry this film. He is constantly serving others without asking for anything in return. He is willing to follow the rules in a country he doesn't know. He is willing to make everything around him better even when everything around him wants him to go away. We all have our own agenda, our own plan that we desperately want to control and that's why we need a little Navorsky in our lives. Newsflash! We are not in control and thank God otherwise earth would be worse. Our agendas and our plans mean we live for ourselves while Navorsky lives for others. His sole purpose is someone outside of himself. He is good. He is the kind of man that other men should emulate and women should desire. Spielberg takes the airport world and fits the entire planet into it, boiling all of our problems and victories down to relationships with strangers. How do we treat strangers? How do we serve them? Do we ask ourselves what's in it for us or how can I make this person's day genuinely better. The Terminal is well directed and a well scripted dramedy that will keep you guessing and make you care for a man who would honestly care about you should he cross your path.
June 19, 2016
Viktor Navorski is a visitor to New York from Eastern Europe, but when his homeland erupts in a fiery coup, while he is in the air en route to America, he finds himself stranded at Kennedy Airport, unauthorized to either enter the country or return to his homeland. As the weeks and months move on, life in the terminal becomes his normality, leading to both humourous and heartfelt moments in this harmless little comedy.
June 4, 2016
A bit too sappy and formulaic, but the concept and Hanks brings it home, making it an enjoyable watch.
½ April 4, 2016
Pendant près d'une heure, Le Terminal est une très bonne comédie grinçante où l'on suit un poissard coincé dans un aéroport pendant que son pays subit de terribles luttes politiques. Tom Hanks y est parfait et les seconds rôles sont tous très bien troussés (mention spéciale à Diego Luna & Kumar Pallana). Malheureusement, un grain de sable vient bloquer l'engrenage avec l'arrivée de Catherine Zeta-Jones et donc d'un love interest pour le héros. A partir de ce moment-là, le film tombe dans le sentimentalisme cher à Spielberg et perd beaucoup de son intérêt. C'est vraiment dommage car les décors sont magnifiques et le final très émouvant.
½ March 31, 2016
A cheesy and charming movie thanks to Tom Hanks who plays a convincing foreigner in an American airport. It also represents how adapting to a new language in a new world is part of human survival
March 27, 2016
While the idea may sound boring, the movie has used the idea very smartly and that is shown again and again in the movie.
March 26, 2016
The Terminal has got to be one of the most bizarre ideas for a film that's taken extremely seriously. It's part comedy, part romance, part drama, and very enjoyable. Viktor seems to have run into a problem of bizarre proportions nobody would ever have forseen. Now forced to live in an airport terminal, he goes about trying to make a go of it despite language and cultural barriers. And while you might think these are what's holding him back despite numerous attempts from the airport authorities to help him on his way, it's his giant heart that's truly at work here. While it may not be believable for many reasons, The Terminal is a romcom I can get behind. Recommended for those looking for something a little... different.
½ March 8, 2016
A fun but silly easy-going nonsense-com that has a few giggles and is very sweet but doesn't offer much more. Has a pointless love interest shoehorned in for some reason but otherwise is a great Hanks performance...and of course Spielberg/Williams shine.
February 27, 2016
This movie really surprised me and is one of my favorite movies. It's funny, yet at other times serious, and is truly enjoyable.
February 12, 2016
Sustained by a strong performance by Tom Hanks as the bumbling, good-hearted Viktor Navorski, Steven Spielberg's post-9/11 commentary on the indifference of many Americans to foreigners is by no means his best film, but is a solid reminder of the splendor of the American dream.
February 1, 2016
Abit of unrealistic but one time worth watching !!
January 25, 2016
Cuanto trama y personajes no ofrece mucho, pero la maravillosa interpretación de Tom Hanks y el estilo encantador de Spielberg hacen que la película salga adelante.
½ January 13, 2016
The Terminal is a nice peaceful movie for you to watch with your grandma, it is nice, sweet and hits home for me.
½ January 6, 2016
A cute feel-good film. I really do mean feel-good. This is no different from one of Tom Hanks's earlier films "You've got mail", in terms of how cheesy, cute, emotional and somewhat unrealistic it plays out. I was willing to go along with some of the unrealistic elements, because it is a movie after all, and it is a movie's job to create a world with its owns set of rules. 'Rules were made to be broken", I paraphrase a line from a chief official in the movie, but some of the more important rules of this film have been broken that don't movie it up to the ranks of the great movies in my opinion. Speilberg's films tend to have quite a bit of schmaltzy sentimentality, and this film is no exception. It was also interesting to see how Speilberg, who has made a big war film prior (I'll leave it you guys to decide which one I'm referring to), to actually keep a war in the background in this film, and actually follow an unassuming victim of a war as he struggles to keep his identity.

Again, I don't think its a bad film, but Its purely solid spectacle entertainment at its core, with some very thoughtful questions and ideas. It is, however, afraid, as most Hollywood pictures are, to make more sense. To have its audience ask more important questions, to think more outside the box and to have some bigger connection to reality. And yes, I am aware that many movies I've seen don't have realistic worlds, but then again, its all about the context of that world. I don't watch "Animaniacs" and expect the world to be very realistic (and I would actually pick any episode of "Animaniacs" over this film any time of the day); incidentally Spielberg produced "Animaniacs" via Amblin Entertainment.

All in all, it is a thoughtful, heart warming film, but a flawed one nonetheless.
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