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½ March 14, 2012
Interesting only to the extent that Rockets is such a character (I'm a fan, and I didn't know how much until I saw this). Unfortunately, both the film and his life are a bit of a train wreck--not too much fun to watch.
January 20, 2012
The movie is definitely too long and slow at times, and the guy is not that interesting really. Still however the guy is a freak show and I remained interested.
January 15, 2011
I'm aware of Rockets Redglare mostly through his role as a sadistic sargeant in "Police State" and his bit in "Desperately Seeking Susan" as a cabbie who hates sushi. My husband knew him though, so we were happy to see that Netflix had this hard to find documentary. Rockets was an immensely likable (though I suspect his claim that he could get any straight girl to fall for him) Lower East Side personality who speaks very frankly about everything from his childhood molestation by the landlady to his self-destructive impulses, women, drugs, alcohol and causing a ruckus at that methadone clinic. Lest anyone (usually the sorts of people who can't cope with any type of emotion or realness) accuse this of being "wallowing" or whatever,his tone is often conversational and matter of fact, although he does cry when describing his mother's murder. That's fine. I'd be more put off by someone who, assuming they had a decent relationship with their mother, DIDN'T cry when describing such a thing.
One thing I wish though, when discussing it more with my husband who remembers his performances, is that they'd devoted more time to his comedy routines. Apparently they were chock full of salient observations on things like gentrification or the more manipulative aspects of the dating scene (which he erroneously would call "forcing", which unfortunately implies something else.) I would have loved to hear more of his comedy on these topics rather than the more throwaway dirty jokes.
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