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October 12, 2007
Ian McKellen stars as a Saskatchewan-born professor who spent most of his life in England and now returns to Canada to receive a degree and to visit his niece whom he has never met. As the story unfolds, we discover the emotional scars beneath the surface of each character that prevent them from being whole. McKellen is brilliant as always, and seems eminently suited for the role of a retired professor.
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½ October 11, 2007
This movie has good and bad. First, it drags. Emile, the main character is flashing back throughout the movie - I think sometimes you see him as a young Emile, but sometimes he keeps his current age. It is all confusing. However, if you last beyond the first hour, the story becomes easier to follow and more interesting.
½ September 27, 2007
A touching story about a mans forgotten memories and how he chooses to handle them. Partly slow but never the less moving and interesting.
½ July 23, 2007
Ian McKellen is a true master of his craft. This is a truly heartwarming story that went pretty unnoticed by the American public. It's also fun seeing Gandalf play a normal person :)
½ July 22, 2007
Loses points for the cop-out ending (no WAY would she forgive him that fast), but wonderful up until that point
½ July 19, 2007
Good drama. A little slow at parts; definitely not a movie for everyone. But, the story is awesome and the character interactions are very realistic. The end was nice because it showed everyone doing the right thing which does happen every now and then in real life.
July 15, 2007
Ian McKellen was great, the movie was not. It's a decent movie, worth watching for Ian's acting.
½ June 30, 2007
This Toronto Film Festival Star is well worth watching. Author and Director Carl Besai creates a complex cast of characters who both love and hate one another in a family situation gone terribly wrong. The confidence with which the director and actors play in this film is evident because if they were not strong this film would be difficult to follow with it's difficult flashbacks scenarios especially Ian McKellen (in a brilliant portrayal of Emile) plays Emile even in the flashback scenarios. He is not seen as younger in these scenes and interesting and daring decision of the casting director. It's no wonder that this film is the darling of Canada's Film Festivals.
June 14, 2007
The only thing that takes away from this movie is the ending, which is wrapped up much too quickly and nicely. It creates a false sense of reality, which doesn't match the rest of the film, which is very real and plausible. Ian McKellen is perfect as always, in the role of a distant uncle who left his family behind, making us both dislike him and feel sorry for him at the same time.
March 13, 2007
such a weird movie... yay gandalf!:P
March 1, 2007
A beautiful story with very strong performances from all actors.

This was a very interesting film. I was fascinated but the fact that Emile is himself in the flashbacks. While it was confusing at first, it contributed powerfully to the fact that he was confronting his past, not simply remembering it, making the flashbacks in integral part of the film rather than simply a story telling device.
½ August 26, 2006
it was good. i think i enjoyed this more than most people. its really really slow, but it does reward the patient.
ian mckellen does a really really good job, he was really well cast, i even think that thats one of his best performance's. as with deborah unger, i don't really like her, but she was really great in this. and it was really well written.
but i can't help feeling that it would have been better as a stage play or something, rather than a movie. plus the direction of it was very questionable
June 19, 2006
Sir Ian ruled as usual.
½ June 9, 2006
Ian McKellen pas besoin de dire autre chose!!!!
October 5, 2005
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[left][font=Comic Sans MS][size=3]Ian McKellen is superb as Emile, a loner who abandoned his family many years ago and finds himself visiting his few remaining relatives. This is definitely a character based movie. It's never a total waste to watch Ian McKellan work - playing someone trying to come to terms with the difficulties and poor choices in his past. It was a nice little film.[/size][/font][/left]
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May 13, 2004
Watch this . If you like the actors - watch it . They are great .
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