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February 21, 2017
Wes Cravans tackle of the Werewolf genre isn't quite as good as you'd want or expect. This movie is ok. It's not horrible but it's far from good. The whole plot itself isn't anything new but sounds good enough but how its handled in this movie just isn't very good and full of cheese. As a werewolf movie you'd expect this to be somewhat scary but as it's littered with jump scares and poor special effects as well as cringe dialogue with little to no tension building it really doesn't come off as horror. It's really sad because this had the potential to be something great. The casting I think is pretty good. The 2 leads I think do fine with the material they're given altho a lot of the other side and supporting character are hit or miss. The werewolf itself as a creature in the film it was really dumb. It was CGI most of the time and it jumped around everywhere and it could somewhat talk altho in a high pitched scream which takes away the scare plus that bird moment really removed any scare factor that was left in the werewolf altho there was something amusing about seeing a werewolf flip somebody off. Also that fact that this film is R but they went really shy with any blood or gore is just a bad decision as the werewolf never gets anywhere close to those epic brutal moments like in The Howling or An American Werewolf in London. It's design I think is pretty good and when they used an actual practical suit it looks pretty good for the most part. The CGI is really bad especially in the transformation scene where everything was rendered in CGI. It looked extremely fake and you could notice when they kept going back between a CGI Werewolf and a practical suit as it didn't blend well at all. I honestly don't know why this movie is R. There's barley any nudity in it at all. They don't use the F word much maybe only once or twice if I recall and the movie has little to no blood or gore in it so the R rating is a bit confusing since it really doesn't warrant one. The movie is full of pointless subplots like the fortune teller showing up and contributing nothing to the story or the bullies subplot with Jesses character which leads to nothing important for the plot or story. This is the type of film where you should just get a bunch of friends together and watch it on Halloween getting drunk and making fun of it. Overall tho I give it a 2/5.
½ October 20, 2016
Pretty campy and entertaining, my kind of halloween movie. Although I think it could have taken the campiness a little farther to hit Sharknado level - cause a times I think it tried to take its self too seriously and if you try consider a real movie it's pretty terrible but as a spoofy flick it's pretty fun and star studded.
September 21, 2016
I love werewolves, and love to check out a great horror comedy involving these awesome creatures, but something just didn't feel right about this one! Christina Ricci is hot in this one, no denying it, even though this was a missed opportunity for her role. Such as, I didn't buy her working in a full time job, because she looked too young for it! Also, the dialogue felt like it was written by a six year old, WTF!? Fright Night knew how to handle cheesy lines compared to this, I mean come on!
For Eisenberg, he kinda overacts in this film, which is typical for an actor of his quality. However, I admire him for trying, and he had a few laugh out loud lines, so, props to him.
The werewolf effects, but, mostly out of a first gen Xbox, which makes it appear to be lame! They could have been so much better than what was in the final cut, a shame!
This was somewhat serviceable, but I don't think this film will ever be watched again. Maybe if you have a bunch of friends over for one night, and wanna check out something while your drunk, then this might be a good flick to watch with them. other than that, stick to the Universal classic The Wolfman, because you won't get much out of this one!
August 7, 2016
I think you have to love Christina to truly admire this movie. It is a lot of fun and I do love Christina so I give it a 5!
August 1, 2016
Plot: In Los Angeles, siblings Ellie and Jimmy come across an accident. As they try to help the woman caught in the wreckage, a ferocious creature attacks them! AHHHHHROOOOOOO! (I think I might have given it away)

I believe the movie Cursed is not a bad film. It takes a very stylized unique approach. It mixes an old horror film genre, with a new modern day look. I believe the film received negative reviews because at the time a majority of audience members didn't understand what this film was trying to accomplish.

Cursed is a film straight out of the late 1970s. It captures the unique look and sense of a movie from that era, from its cinematography, to the feel of its script. Like the Scream movies, Cursed is a PG-13 horror flick, aimed at the same teenage audience it portrays on screen. Slashers like Craven's previous stalkers Ghostface or Freddy Krueger are out (although Krueger does make an amusing brief background appearance). This time the subject matter is werewolves.

Brother and sister Ellie, played by Christina Ricci (Addams Family Values, Black Snake Moan) and Jimmy, played by Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network, Adventure land) are driving home one evening when something hits their car, causing them to spin out of control and hit another vehicle, driven by Becky, played by Shannon Elizabeth (God I miss Shannon Elizabeth). As they attempt to save Becky, trapped within her car, a monstrous form rips her free, killing Becky and injuring Ellie and Jimmy. Who let the dogs out? (Damn that was a bad pun LOL) (It's a fu#kin' Werewolf people!)

This may not be Wes Craven's best film; however, it is still entertaining to some level. Screenwriter Kevin Williamson (Scream) and Wes Craven still work well together. The story does get a little predictable, and the characters are paper thin (not well rounded, or unique) Jimmy is a stereotypical geek that we've seen over and over again. Plus, I know Christina Ricci is a much better actress than what she is given to do in this film.

I do believe some effort went into this film. My biggest issue is I just didn't find it to be scary, and honestly some parts are a little dull. With some rewrites, the story could have had better scares, more suspense, tension, better character development and more.

So these are my final Bitchin' Buddha thoughts on Cursed. The movie knows its audience. It is a decent, fun, watchable B movie. If you enjoy those, you might enjoy this. I do believe this film could have been much better with some rewrites. I believe the film cursed earns a...

3 out of 5

Thank you for reading/viewing, and i hope you have an amazing day as always. :)
½ July 9, 2016
Quite possibly one of the worst films ever made full of people you'll recognize.
July 7, 2016
I thought it was a really good movie for being made when it was
½ June 26, 2016
Ever wonder what werewolves in Hollywood do?  Well they open night clubs and work for Craig Kilborn.  I mean what else WOULD they do?
June 20, 2016
I have a very personal connection with this movie, this was the absolute first horror movie. I liked the actors and wanted I start with something not too scary, which looking at it now as a very big horror person is a problem, not very scary. I do like the characters very much and i'm sorry but I find Jesse Eisenberg very attractive in this movie. All in all it is not a great but it is enjoyable
May 22, 2016
A bit melodramatic at times, but still a fun film overall.
April 7, 2016
I cannot rightly give this movie a high grade because it is a terrible movie, but it's one of the funniest bad movies I've seen in a long time. I absolutely loved everything, excluding the final heel turn, but I think the ten-years later aspects were best. This movie has Ron Swanson. Craig Kilborn showing why he's the worst Late Late host by EXTENDING Carrot Top's airtime, much less finding him funny. You've got the Buffy high school and I'm pretty sure Buffy's street (also Muffy from Scary Movie). There's the horrible Scooby-Doo werewolf CGI. And not one but TWO Lex Luthors in Michael Rosenbaum and Jesse Eisenberg! I'll always get a kick out of Joshua Jackson or Milo Ventimiglia in whatever they're up to, and the Brooke girl is wonderful. Bowling For Soup! The movie is so dumb. So wonderfully, wonderfully dumb. Horrible horror movie, excellent dumb comedy.
½ February 24, 2016
Absolutely a pop corn movie.
September 26, 2015
The bad CGI and cliche script rips most of the charm Wes Craven's movies used to have.
½ September 12, 2015
What do you get when you remove the genius meta-commentary and sharp writing from ?Scream?? You get ?Cursed?, a CW teen drama masquerading as a real film. I honestly might be overrating this at 1.5 stars, but the goofy charm and assured stupidity make it work at moments. Mostly though, it?s a haphazard and pointless take on the werewolf genre.
September 12, 2015
Although I wish the specials effects looked a little better, I did enjoy this movie a lot. I loved the cast. The story was solid. The deaths are cool. It could have been better sure but it's hard to find a really good horror that I actually enjoy and doesn't bore me. This movie kept me entertained all the way to the end. I recommend this movie to people who want to see a good horror but don't expect to be scared.
August 10, 2015
If you're unlucky enough to watch this movie then you're the one feeling cursed.
½ July 22, 2015
This has a great cast but they're all used poorly and some of the practical effects are good but the CGI is terrible.
July 12, 2015
Howlingly bad werewolf thriller that has far more laughs than it does scares. Ricci can't even save it. Director Wes Craven should be ashamed.
June 3, 2015
Like the Scream movies, Wes Craven mixes horror and comedy in a pretty smooth way in Cursed. The movie, however, falls totally flat. It's a fun homage to the werewolf genre but fails because of its lousy screenplay.

Can I just give a spoiler alert? Christina Ricci and Jesse Eisenberg don't even turn into werewolves in the movie. Not once. Are you kidding me?!?!?!
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