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½ January 14, 2011
Western that attempts to be tough and gritty whilst having little in the way of charm to endear it.
December 10, 2010
Not a bad film, but didn't connect as much as I have done in other fuller flicks. Still some great camera angles, interesting characterisation and a great ending made this film a decent watch.
December 6, 2010
40 Guns is a western for 21th century youngsters, straight to the point without too much merry go around, so typical for other older dozen produced westerns.

The fact that there is not too much of the basic western aspects included makes 40 guns so likable, sure there all the stereotypical western aspects in it, but they are kept to the minimum, making the movie very approachable. There are the good guys and the bad, they fight it out and the best one gets the cake so to speak. 40 Guns is not an Oscar winning flick, but it is a damn good western nonetheless.
½ August 21, 2010
Eccentric western with the Sam Fuller trimmings -- hysterical at times, weird characterizations, punchy unreal dialogue, unusual editing. And, really, the whole idea of Barbara Stanwyck overseeing a ranch with 40 hired guns following her around is pretty way out there.
½ January 20, 2010
Forty Guns comes with seven words to trust at the start of a film: produced, written and directed by Samuel Fuller.
October 17, 2009
Intriguing little western melodrama- short, sweet and to the point. Loved the natural feel to the film, lovely performances, and some decent action and surprises. A precursor to the rough and tumble films of Peckinpah. Recommended.
October 9, 2009
For me the highlight is the fantastic widescreen photography, making excellent use of low-angle shots. Particularly stunning are the opening sequence and the exciting tornado scene. The plot is a little standard, but still keeps you interested. I'm a bit tired of "death of the old West" motifs but it's not overbearing and the way the characters lament their roles is interesting. Probably the biggest flaw is acting. Stanwyck's terrific and Sullivan is okay, but the supporting cast is pretty weak.
August 4, 2009
Très beau western, Samuel Fuller est un putain de réal!
½ July 19, 2009
One of Fuller's best works with crackling dialogue, inventive directorial touches, and the best tornado sequence this side of Oz. The cast is perfect, especially Stanwyck as the sexy/tough head of the 40 guns and the undertones to her character are wonderfully played onscreen and some in the viewer's imagination no doubt. Barry Sullivan and Gene Barry make for the guns-for-hire duo that Ed Harris and Viggo Mortesson so wanted to be in the lackluster Appaloosa. Even the 007 movies owe a debt of gratitude to this movie, with the original gun barrel sequence. The final showdown is classic and still manages to surprise today. Fuller's command of the screen here is complete, although the story is not rock solid but the cast push it through just fine. Even the use of music in the film, which can feel very anachronistic to audiences today works perfectly in this movie. This is a Western to contend with.
½ July 6, 2009
At first what you have here is a straight forward western with bad Guys and Good Guys and all the other western motifs.

But this is Sam Fuller and nothing in a Sam Fuller Film is as simple as it looks.

Fuller uses the name of Griff here on Barry Sullivan as a US marshall in the Wyatt Earp mode ,brought in the clean up the town .
Barbara Stanwyck is great as the head of a ranch who maybe good or maybe bad ,again typical of Fuller to give his leads plenty of light and shade.

The film is packed with great moments including the fianl duel and a murder at a wedding which once again show how even when Fuller was working for a large studio ,he could still stamp his mark on the film he was directing.

A film which has many layers and one which reaps great reward
May 13, 2009
This stands out as an unusually moody and stylish western for the 1950's. The story gets a bit lost in this, but the sum of its parts make it worth trying to stick with.
½ April 27, 2009
Solid western, but the choice to turn tough Barbara Stanwyck into just another weak female at the movie's end was disappointing.
½ April 19, 2009
One of the goddamnist strangest westerns there is as only someone like Fuller could give us. the plot itself is pretty straight forward, withe the Marshall ride into town to bring law and order to a small town controlled by Barbra Stanwyck and her Forty men, sounds simple enough but like Roger Ebert says 'it's not what film is about it's how it's about"

Fuller's dealing with a pretty conventional story, but his story telling is anything but. Fuller incorporates songs sung by characters on screen, sexual innuendoes, unique p.o.v shots, insane close-ups(shamelessly ripped off by leone) and unexpected violence. The most nuanced aspect of the film it's view on the death of the old west is purely Fuller especially with brilliant lines like when Barry Sullivan talking about how gunslinger's are becoming nothing but freaks, says more about the west dying than any Leone western.

Obviously I was pretty taken with the film just when you think you've seen everything the genre has to offer you discover a gem like Forty Guns. However the film still is not perfect it like much of Fuller's work is moe than slightly bogged down by censorship and it's pretty evident however Fuller was clever enough not to try to get around the censors he intentionally make the scene appear pasted on, which still allows the audience to feel what his vision wanted to encompass.
March 26, 2009
Beau western qui participa en son temps a faire acceder le genre a la modernite. Godard s'en est souvenu dans A bout de souffle.
Super Reviewer
February 8, 2009
One wacky-doodlely Freudian Western.

"She's a high ridin' woman with a whip . . .

But if someone could break her and take her whip away,
Someone big, someone strong, someone tall,
You may find that the woman with a whip only a woman after all."

"Get a doctor. She'll live."
½ February 1, 2009
rather complex and masquerades itself as deceptively simple. i was very impressed with the camerawork and the mise en scene de fuller but i prefer his noir stuff.
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November 27, 2008
this was fun. barbara stanwyck plays the cattle queen of cochise county, with her own army of 40 gunmen. of course she's just waiting for the man who can tame her *eyeroll* and when a stranger comes to town in the form of a u.s. marshall, look out. a little melodramatic, as fuller tends to be for me but worth a watch. the song 'high ridin' woman' is hilarious :P
September 10, 2008
Segun el maestro Sam Fuller, 'el cine es amor, odio, accion, muerte...en una palabra: emocion'. Nada de eso le falta a este atipico western, rodado en cinemascope y en blanco y negro, y trufado de los caracteristicos dialogos de su autor. Y sin embargo el resultado final no deja de ser algo irregular. Despues del espectacular y estruendoso arranque, uno no puede evitar preguntarse que habria sido de la pelicula si las '40 pistolas' hubieran entrado en liza.
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