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½ January 27, 2011
First I don't really understand why this is called what it is called, and why the synopsis on the DVD says what it says. In fact the submarine sequences last for about 10 minutes if that. Even for a Seagal film that's bad. Second the story is ridiculous. Now I love Seagal's films so I'm used to ridiculous, but this I think takes the cake. Brain control, and plenty of other things that just don't make sense. I could have tolerated this movie for the fact that Vinnie Jones and Seagal are in it. However, there are very few Seagal moments. When he started kicking butt, I was entertained. Otherwise I just didn't find anything nice about this movie. Keep in mind this is coming from someone who absolutely loves corny action movies.
½ January 2, 2011
Only watch this if you are trying to distract from toothache.
½ December 19, 2010
What a colossal pile of terrible. Vinnie Jones is probably the best actor in this - which I feel says it all...
December 5, 2010
Not bad at all. sure it is a b-flick but better than most in the genre.
August 14, 2010
Not bad for a direct to video flick with Steven Seagal, I've seen worse (Against The Dark).
The only bad thing is the dubbing on Steven's voice, it's pretty awful.
August 7, 2010
Einer der letzten Filme, in denen Steven Seagal mit B-Movie-Routinier Anthony Hickox noch einen echten Handwerker als Regisseur hatte, und das zeigt sich auch inmitten der nicht geringen Konfusionen des Skripts. So denn ein richtiges Skript vorhanden war, f├╝hlt sich doch SUBMERGED an wie aus Resten von anderen Filmen montiert. Zuerst Missionsactioner im Teamgewand, dann U-Boot-Thriller, schlie├?lich ein klassisches One-Man-Finish von Seagal. Das ist so wirr, wie es klingt, und auch nicht besonders aufregend, aber durchweg immerhin noch so kompetent auf den Schirm gebracht, dass das Zuschauen keine Schmerzen bereitet. Die Dekonstruktion des Actiongenres in Seagals Sp├Ątwerk freilich k├╝ndigt sich auch erst sanft an.
½ July 18, 2010
Ok. This rather badly named movie (as the title is only relevant for about 10 minutes) is quite horrible. If they had spent slightly less on watermellons and slightly more on 11 year old script writers there might have been something here to enjoy.

Honestly, this had some of the worst acting I have ever seen in a movie, and perhaps one of the worst acted movie villains of all time. I expected a dumb action film, but I did not expect to become dumber while I watched it.

3 stars? Really Flixster users? Blech!
July 9, 2010
i enjoyed the great times we had with steven seagal from the likes of above the law, hard to kill, marked for death, out for justice, under siege and exit wounds which happened to be his last good film. there is a reason why he is a straight to dvd offering now.....its quite frankly because people get older and action guys suffer quicker. its a decent film but with no plot and very laughable production and action make this as bad as mega shark vs giant octopus
½ February 4, 2010
It's a Seagal direct-to-video movie, so I don't think anyone would go into it expecting art. The man still can't act and uses some very odd colloquialisms. The plot is paper-thin and the production quality is terrible, but all that aside, the action is fast-paced and well choreographed. It's not as preachy as some of his higher-budget films which is refreshing, and he's still an excellent aikidoka even if he does finish traditional aikido moves with guns, fists, feet, knives and elbows.
½ January 1, 2010
I could not sit through this one. The audio was so badly out of sync and Steven Seagal had a different voice for about 1hr 20mins into the film.
October 6, 2009
(no stars) really bad! Check out Vern's book Seagalogy, is says it just like it is.
½ August 10, 2009
This movie was a suprise being so good overall - but maybe it has a lots of to do with those other actors who performed well :)
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July 28, 2009
Have you heard the stories behind the production of this one? Seagal didn't give a shit! Why should I give a shit about this cinematic abortion?
July 25, 2009
there are really better seagal movies. but vinnie did a great job as usual.
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½ July 22, 2009
Not all bad, especially with the ideal casting of legit badass Vinnie Jones in it. The story and fight scenes are pretty good in this, making it worth a viewing. I can't stress enough how supremely bad Vinnie is. He beats guys to death with his bare hands and has the best lines in this thing.
July 20, 2009
July 3, 2009
The synopsis shown for this film is extremely WRONG!
May 17, 2009
Loved the action and arm and leg breaking!!!
April 12, 2009
this one, however absurd, I mean mind control - give me a break - did at least have a bit of a plot to it, which made it watchable to a point. Certainly not the worst Seagal movie i've seen
½ April 4, 2009
No comments for this crap.
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