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The Mexican horror film Hasta el Viento Miedo concerns a group of college students, led by Claudia (Alicia Bonet) who decide to investigate a local tower that has figured prominently in disturbing reoccurring dreams Claudia has been having. The dream also consists of a hanged woman's body. They are suspended from school for their antics, but Claudia learns from one of the female staff members that the person in the dream is a student who killed herself years before, and that the teacher has seen her ghost. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi
Art House & International , Drama , Horror , Mystery & Suspense , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Marga Lopez
as Bernarda
Alicia Bonet
as Claudia
Renata Seydel
as Ivette
Enrico Garcia Alvarez
as Doctor Oliver
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Simple but effective, the ham in the acting of some of the girls works for the better. Taboada knew how to direct his actress, and he knew how to create a nice horror atmosphere. After the "twist" in the second act the story sort of drags, because you already know what is coming, and the movie just wastes time trying to build more tension to the climax. Neverless, all this is forgiven because the movie is a fun ride.

Tsubaki Sanjuro
Tsubaki Sanjuro

Super Reviewer


Part I of what is called the Gothic Trilogy from the Mexican director Carlos Enrique Taboada. The movie has a very simple but catchy story with good acting and a very creepy atmosphere that you will feel it out of the screen. Worth a check!!!

John Me
John Me

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While not as prolific as the USA, UK and Italy; Mexico is responsible for many great horror films; with the sixties in particular being something of a goldmine for the horror fan. Carlos Enrique Taboada's Hasta el viento tiene miedo has a great reputation amongst those who have seen it; and after having finally tracked the film down myself, I have to say that its reputation is completely deserved! The title translates into English as 'Even the Wind is Afraid' and as you would expect from a film with such a title; this is a macabre treat! Like the classics The House That Screamed and Suspiria, this film focuses on an all-girl boarding house. After a group of girls sneak into a restricted part of the school and are caught; their punishment (doled out by the head teacher nicknamed 'The Witch') is that they have to stay behind during the summer break! Naturally the girls are not too pleased, and things take a turn for the worse when a long dead student is sighted during the heavy winds, and seems to be after a student named Claudia... The story is very much of the slow burn variety and while we do get plenty of horror; the film focuses more on building the characters, their relationships and the central situation. The horror is brought forward more through atmosphere and while the locations used are not as Gothic as those seen in similar Italian films; the film does deliver a great air of creepiness and the way that the wind is used provides one of the main highlights. The acting is very good, with adult performers Marga López and Maricruz Olivier delivering the standout performances as the two teachers. The younger performers are all very nice looking and while the acting is sometimes a bit cheesy; it doesn't harm the film too much. The plot does move slowly but it's always interesting and the film builds tension as we get closer to the end, with the film taking a rather unexpected twist half way through. It all boils down to an engaging and original (for the time) climax and overall; Hasta el viento tiene miedo may not be one of the best known horror films ever made, but it will certainly be of interest to horror fans. Recommended!

Cassandra Maples
Cassandra Maples

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