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½ June 5, 2007
This movie is, in general, only for anime fans, but it is still a very good movie!
May 23, 2007
The titan were great
March 30, 2007
beautiful animation.
½ December 16, 2006
it RAWKS! I especially loved the story and the characters (detailed) though the design wasn't AS my style. But, in general, I like russian stuff. (Aeon Flux, anyone?)
December 10, 2005
The planet Alcyone has been ravaged by a great war forcing the people of the planet, the Storrions and the Ceveans to live in a domed city built on the back of a giant machine. A legend says a Godess that helped build the machine is the only one who can pilot it to a new planet. The Storrions however have forced the Ceveans out of the domed city to live in the wastelands or work as slaves and the Storrions believe they can get the machine to work themselves.

My first impression of Ark is that it was at least in part inspired by the video game series Final Fantasy. The breathtaking scope of the domed city to the design of the movies villain and most of that character's and other's clothing all reminded me of Final Fantasy. Even the animation is similar to Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within although not as realistic looking. The story is good and there is almost no end to the parallels that can be drawn between the movie and situations in the real world. Where Ark falters is with the voice acting. James Woods is the only recognisable name in the credits and most of the characters dialogue seems flat and unemotional or over acted.

I'm giving Ark a 6 because I don't think it would stand up to repeated viewings. If you like Final Fantasy or enjoy animated films that aren't just for kids Ark is worth a look.
½ July 24, 2005
I just watched this movie today... I really liked it.. but then I am a CG freak. Go figure? Beautiful work though! :)
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