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November 5, 2014
Right from the first try-hard trailer, this film crudely signposted its intentions to tap into a subculture and address themes such as the electronic church, the 90s/00s Australian urban rave scene, unconventional artistic expression and grief and loss... And the result was cringeworthy. It was like 'the cool kids' in a year 10 high school media class decided they wanted to make a movie about how awesome and deep their weekend was. I think I liked this film when I was 18 - and I was an awful brat at 18.
Terrible script, screenplay, cinematography and yes, score. I felt sorry for the actors, most of whom have fortunately had fair chances to redeem themselves. Lucky for them, the whole thing was completely forgettable.
½ June 26, 2012
would love to get this on DVD, it is an excellent story, saw this in march 2005. Just watched it again via the internet and it's still as real and as moving and musically amazing as it was when I first saw I want to hunt down the soundtrack.
½ July 8, 2011
too much intense. make us want more and more
September 17, 2010
Film préféré de la terre. Où sont les autres films australiens, mate ?
½ May 9, 2010
A have to see for all techno/music fans. Artisticly made with a lot of imagination. Great soundtrack and story. Best film I´ve seen in a while.
½ August 21, 2009
lost me for a little bit
½ July 29, 2009
It's bad. I didn't like it at all :(
May 20, 2009
These guys know what they're talking about!
Simply an amazing film!
April 20, 2009
A stunning audiovisual journey of tragedy, lost love and musical experiments. For me its a huge mystery this one never made the big screens here in Europe where the electronic music dance scene is massive. Maybe because of the fact there are no famous actors, not really any goodlooking people in it, no steamy sexscenes or actionpacked frames of explosions and gunfire.. This is truly an beautiful story with awesome tunes to it!!
April 11, 2009
Brilliant musical score.. Visually pleasing in all regards.. Story line so-so.. I remember when they filmed the party's for this & I think I went, but can't remember if it was a gonna go or actually went.. Aaahh.. Trip down memory lane to the days of Rave parties, Warehouse parties, Outdoor Doofs, Rod Laver parties & THUMPIN' tunes.. 'Dem were the perfect days!
January 4, 2009
Brilliant movie. Not because of the plot, not because of the actors, not because of the music, but for the great combination of all theese things. It has the old "love, pain and suffering" story that we've seen a lot of, but this movie has a pinch of that something called "difference" in it - the same story but a whole new way to express it. And "expression" is the key word here...
½ December 20, 2008
One of the worst movies I have ever seen. The moral of the movie was twisted. I waited to the end to see the twist in the tail - but to no avail. So the male lead must give up his career, go back to digging ditches, live in a busted house, send his kid to a decrepid school and condemn her to a squalid life, because he doesn't attend his kids school play. I want to throw up!!!!
September 20, 2008
A wonderful new film that takes it's cues from the librettos of the classic Operas! AN Opera for the new millenium ...

Tragic, brutal, and beautiful all at once!!!! I love the soundtrack too!!!!
September 16, 2008
good movie and interesting music in the film
August 2, 2008
Currie's skill elevates the story from melodrama to something approaching art, but despite the clear emotions, as we enter deep into the bowels of the erratic rave scene, the story flounders a bit in parts.
July 26, 2008
Excellent tunes, well shot in great locations, less about the Aus dance scene than expected but respect to the ideas and visuals throughout the movie!!!!
June 2, 2008
An underrated Australian movie about the dance scene and trying to find yourself, the movie and acting compliment each other to provide a brilliant piece of storytelling.
April 18, 2008
best movie ive seen this year and part of last!!!!it my fav of 08 4 sure!
April 16, 2008
he looks like eminem in the cover of this movie
April 5, 2008
Best music scene is the sunrise, the way he brought his track in way brilliant.
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