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October 14, 2005
A genre cheapie from its digital-video camerawork to its Casiotone soundtrack to its bland, buff cast, the movie is a cultural watershed in a dry gulch.
October 1, 2005
September 23, 2005
The horror in the film is mediocre at best.
September 23, 2005
A loyal gay audience may appreciate the novelty, but horror fans can find junk like this lining the shelves of any video store.
September 22, 2005
This isn't a particularly good movie, and it's offensive in the way mid-range low-budget slasher shows usually are. But it works better than some.
September 16, 2005
Has both novelty and back-to-basics ingenuity in its favor, along with memorable characters and the deft combination of gory shocks and comic relief that's essential to the genre.
September 1, 2009
By the time Etheredge-Ouzts uncorks the Suspiria-meets-Un Chant d'Amour climax, the film has snowballed enough subtext for five Robin Wood dissertations
January 25, 2007
A typical, high body-count slasher flick except for two glaring departures from fright fare convention: (1), the black guy doesn't die first; and (2), virtually every characyer is gay.
January 25, 2007
Homo-erotic themes aside, this is otherwise a stock scary movie which rates out as an above-average example of the genre.
October 21, 2006
It's not deep and it's not unique, but HellBent approaches an oft-abused sub-genre with just enough originality and creativity to warrant some praise.
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