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½ May 19, 2010
Este excentrico director utiliza al video-clip, no solo como un recurso visual para energizar una pieza musical, sino un medio para contar una historia diferente al cine o la literatura. Glazer deconstruye el video-clip, llevandolo a nuevos terrenos e incluyendo muchos "momentos sagrados" (en los terminos de Andre BAzin) en el camino. Glazer es una bestia sensual.
June 26, 2008
amazing amazing work, some of the best MVs I have ever seen in my life.
½ March 19, 2008
He directed what I think is the best Radiohead video, "Street Spirit"
February 11, 2008
It's kinda cheating to rate this, since I'm primarily rating against the body of Jonathan Glazer's work, rather than the makeup of his "The work of..." DVD.

However, Glazer is one of my favourite music video directors, so I think I'm allowed a little breadth here.. ;) I'm not entirely sure whether I really like the structure of the DVD however, with strange short videos linking each section of content, and sound bites accompanying most menu elements.

That said, this contains, up to 2005, all of Glazer's professional work from his famous Guinness commercial, to his stark Radiohead videos, to excerpts from his movies (the infamous arrival of Don in Sexy Beast!)... plus other lesser-known credits.

Good stuff, and overall I put him above Michel Ghondry, but that's subjective.
January 17, 2008
This is the shortest collection compared to the entire series. It's funny to hear the honesty in some of these artists, admitting they didn't like the work Glazer did for their videos. However, it's worth hearing the commentary regarding the videos "Rabbit in Your Headlights" and "Virtual Insanity:" two of the best music videos of all time.
November 21, 2007
Some fantastic pioneering work, its fantastic!
November 10, 2007
If you're a human, you must seek out this DVD and watch "Rabbit in Your Headlights". NOW. The Jamiroquai, Radiohead, and Massive Attack videos are just icing on the cake.
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