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May 7, 2020
Jarhead aims to provide the eternal reason why young men are drawn to war, like moths to the flame. Swofford and director Sam Mendes stress that to most young GIs, even the most fervently created antiwar film is a fighting man's pornography.
November 19, 2019
These soldiers wanted action, any action, just to feel justified for the life they left behind and Mendes does a great job of showing that anguish. The cast is excellent, too.
June 5, 2019
A tedious film with an utterly unlikable protagonist.
January 16, 2018
Gyllenhaal can, in fact, act, so the blame must fall elsewhere for his dim performance, all topless tears and soulful voiceovers. The same goes for Peter Sarsgaard, Chris Cooper and Jamie Foxx, three good actors forced into contortions of theatrics.
September 1, 2009
Slick military faux-criticism
April 29, 2009
For some it's an anti-war message, for others it's just a non-biased portrait of a man who never went to war despite being in the military during war time.
January 15, 2008
Sporadically entertaining, and ultimately pointless -- although that seems to be its agenda right from the start.
September 24, 2007
As a depressive riff on Generation X's first war...it's exceptionally well-crafted.
July 14, 2007
What little statement the film makes revolves around the absurdity of these men, trained to shoot with ultimate precision, and never given the chance to fire off a round.
July 10, 2007
As time passes, waiting for orders becomes like waiting for Godot, an absurdist tragicomedy of frustration, madness and masculinity gone awry.
May 31, 2007
A series of disjointed, shocking, and often unintentionally-humorous vignettes designed to celebrate boy-boy camaraderie while fomenting anti-Arab sentiments in the name of God, mom, and Apple Pie.
April 23, 2007
The first 20 minutes of have masterpiece written all over them, unfortunately, that fire peters out quite constantly until the film comes to a near flat lining ending.
February 10, 2007
As usual, when the US makes war against the rest of the world, it's the artist who steps up to the plate to expose the lies and senseless tragedy, not the faint of heart or soul politicians and media.
October 3, 2006
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September 28, 2006
Jarhead is simultaneously audaciously original and so mired in the clichés it knowingly acknowledges, sends up and honours that it has little new to say.
September 25, 2006
Thanks to its poignancy and expert crafting, Jarhead could become a classic war drama -- one that speaks for a new era of soldier and worldliness.
May 12, 2006
Swofford has said he doesn't mind the movie's alterations, but the real issue is how it dulls the intimacy and idiosyncrasy of his voice, which was the book's compass.
April 1, 2006
March 6, 2006
if not a classic war film, at least a top-notch and engrossing imitation of one.
February 10, 2006
It's another fine Gyllenhaal performance, but not really enough, because his suffering doesn't amount to a hill of Kuwaiti sand in the end.
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