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September 21, 2020
Knoxville himself, whom I've trashed on more than one occasion, is remarkably entertaining here in a role that is both physically and mentally demanding.
September 7, 2011
April 29, 2009
Hits all the right notes in comedy, light down to Earth drama, and a resulting tasteful comedy that's worth watching.
May 27, 2006
...a whole lot better than one might've expected.
April 9, 2006
Knoxville no um grande ator, mas o filme suficientemente divertido (ainda que no engraado) e tem um bom corao.
April 1, 2006
March 23, 2006
Hilarious comedy with a superb script and strong comic performances - this is undoubtedly the funniest comedy of the year.
March 18, 2006
February 23, 2006
Knoxville gives an amazingly risky performance--how many actors would have dared to do this?
January 14, 2006
January 14, 2006
January 6, 2006
The Ringer, for all its glaring flaws, pulls the rug out from under us.
January 4, 2006
These guys are laugh-out-loud funny, not because they're being belittled, but because they're finally getting a chance to show a sense of humor on-screen.
January 3, 2006
Considering all of the jackass things [Knoxville's] done on his way to fame, his presence in The Ringer helps the film challenge the idea of what is normal and what is intellectually disabled.
December 27, 2005
Predictable and unconvincing as romantic comedy, the movie is surprisingly sweet and funny whenever Steve is hanging out with his fellow Special Olympics players.
December 27, 2005
As in the best Special Olympics events, everyone finds a way to win.
December 27, 2005
An unexpectedly endearing comedy.
December 27, 2005
Though the movie bears some of the Farrellys' trademark outrageous humor, it has a sweet demeanor and makes a noble statement.
December 27, 2005
The Ringer is often predictable, frequently offensive and occasionally boring, but its heart is in exactly the right place.
December 27, 2005
No one will accuse The Ringer of being tasteful, but when you're not laughing, you may find yourself genuinely touched.
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