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½ December 23, 2016
I Give It For The Originallity In Casting Complete Unknowns, Adlibing Through A Semi-Structured Premise..That Shows You How Good Soderburg Is At Getting Things Just Right...But The Story, Well, As I've Watched The Deleted Scenes, It Misses A Key Pivotal Ending Point (Cut From The Movie) & Leaves You Otherwise Guessing As To Why It All Happened...If ImHad Just Seen The Movie, Without That, On Its Own Merits...Id Be A Little Frustrated At The Open Ended Finale. That Said, I Still Found This A Weird, Macabe Tale Resting Within That (Bubble) Small Town America.
½ August 21, 2015
Lazy film, a lifeless amateur work thats incredibly pointless. Incredibly forgettable my mom could do better. The budget while 1.5 million looks like it was made for just under 500 dollars. There is nothing here it doesnt make you think feel or anything. Its a empty 1 hour and 10 minute chore. And if you say something like its art or it reflects real life.
Then please....
Watch Cache for some interesting slow burning unresolved picture. Skip this one please
August 28, 2014
Bubble est un nouveau tour de force de Steven Soderbergh qui parvient à faire d'un scénario en apparence bateau (une fille arrive en fille, il y a un meurtre, le coupable est arrêté) écrit par la scénariste d'un de ses grands films (Full Frontal) un film passionnant, car il prend son temps pour exposer l'atmosphère déprimante de cette petite ville d'Ohio. Subrepticement, les personnages (interprétés par des acteurs non-professionnels) prennent plus d'importance que prévu et rendent la conclusion d'autant plus forte. La musique de Robert Pollard enveloppe tout cela parfaitement. Mark Cuban a encore eu le nez creux.
May 11, 2014
at just 73 minutes this should have flown by...it didn't.
September 8, 2013
Impeccable performances from all 3, and some serious directing. A surprising treat.
August 27, 2013
Ladies and gentlemen...Steven Soderbergh...out to prove he can still be weird after helming that big budget business. In that way, he succeeds here.
The pacing is deliberately slow as nuts. Thankfully, this is not just done for weird's sake, but to get across the mundane nature of the characters' work and lives.
Casting is key. These are not actors you will recognize. The performances are captivating, though. (Particularly the one by Debbie Doebereiner.) The fact that these are not familiar faces adds greatly to the realism of the flick.
If you haven't read a synopsis for this thing, keep it that way. The story is simple. The less you know, the more effectively it will play.
In the end, Bubble isn't any more enlightening or interesting than an episode of "Dateline," or any number of shows on A&E. But... That's not too bad.
August 26, 2013
an interesting film, made with all non-actors and all non-scripted, the acting is truly creepy and authentic as well as representative of the hum-drum lives of depraved Ohioans, however the story left a lot to be desired.
½ August 13, 2013
"Bubble" is an interesting film until it gets to the crime. The ending is anticlimactic because it is expected. The movie makes no effort to stray you away from believing the police's claim.

August 11, 2013
Although Soderbergh makes this "no budget" experiment look good, he can only do so much with his non-actors. Martha was the only believable, tolerable character. Kyle mumbled through all his lines and Rose was trying too hard to act, making her seem fake and unrealistic. I had to fight to stay awake. Being a huge Soderbergh fan, this experiment failed for me...big time.
July 14, 2013
There is an admirable rigor to Soderbergh's technique here, but it leads to a generally unsatisfying experience.
June 25, 2013
One of soderberghs experimental films, with no professional actors in it, and shot with next to no budget, i gotta say it worked, the actors dont try to do anything they cant, they play their characters naturally and real, soderbergh does a good job of just showing the daily mundane lives of these people, each day the same as the next, i def felt sorry for some of them, it moves fast (then again its only 73 min) but i could clearly see the ending coming, still it was good, i give credit to soderbergh for being willing to try new things
½ June 21, 2013
Painfully. Slow. Extremely. Uninteresting...don't waste your time
½ June 7, 2013
Kitchen sink drama for Americans
May 27, 2013
To the mainstream crowd this would probably be considered a horrible, agonizingly dull film. To those who appreciate independent films there's something to grasp here even though its not a whole lot.
Super Reviewer
½ May 26, 2013
Coming off the heels of Ocean's Twelve, Steven Soderbergh opted for something different with this little indie gem.

This movie did something rather unprecedented by being released in theaters and on demand the same day, and then straight to DVD just a few days later. Why? I dunno. It's kinda cool though. That's not the only unconventional aspect of this production though.

This is the story of three employees at a doll factory in a small midwestern town. They live simple lives, barely scrape by, and slowly find themselves shaken out of their comfortable world when their routines change just a bit, especially in the case of one of them.

That's pretty much it, really. There's not much of a plot, and where there is, doesn't really come about until about 60 minutes into this 73 minute picture. There's no script, with the dialogue being improvised based off of an outline, and the actors are all local non professionals who use their own houses (clothes (I'm guessing), and kids. Soderbergh also acts as his own DP and editor, using various synonyms, although this isn't anything new for him.

The film is all about a sense of realism and authenticity, but I think it might get a little too real times. It's not a documentary, but it really feels that way, though somewhat stylized just a bit.

This is a quiet, almost eerie look into the ordinary and mundane lives of average citizens, and...it's pretty good. Yeah, it is rather slow and uneventful, but this is basically what it would be like if reality TV were, you know, real.

I liked this movie, but I think I respect it more. Despite not much going on, it is kinda unnerving. The end is a little bit rushed, but it does get somewhat fixed thanks to a deleted scene. Overall though, I applaud the performers for being so trusting, and I likewise give many props to Soderbergh for the nuanced way he paints these people. I say people instead of characters because it really feels like the most realistic thing I've ever seen.

This is definitely some very indie and artsy stuff, so if you're not into that side of Soderbergh's work, then skip it. If you dig this side of him, or it just sounds intriguing in general, then yeah, give it a look.
May 13, 2013
I loved this movie. It's very realistic and not hollywood at all.
March 23, 2013
The film is a great take on how a person cannot recognize their own insanity, but that was not enough to get my mind off of how dull it was.
½ February 21, 2013
Every once in a while you run into a film so captivating that you get swept up in its world. Bubble, on the other hand, is relentless in capturing every small bit of the real world that it's easy to forget that you are indeed watching a movie.

This experimental film of Steven Soderbergh wisely employs local non-actors of the Ohio/West Virginia area. It tells the tale of three factory workers who struggle to keep their heads above water in a region defined by poverty and hopelessness. These are the definition of your "everyday Joe's"--the ones that the rest of the world are quick to leave behind. They're forced to work multiple menial jobs, eat fast food for lunch, and rarely venture beyond their homes when they do have downtime. It's utterly captivating in a strange way, and you'll start to pick out the nuances in what is otherwise meaningless small talk.

What really helps to sell the approach are the camerawork and editing. Bubble is a very deliberately paced piece, told primarily through wide shots held back at a distance. I can recall only a handful of closeups across the entire piece, which works to an interesting effect. Soderbergh isn't afraid to hold a master shot for almost an entire scene (something you never see in modern cinema). As the viewers, this helps to make us feel as trapped by the outdated, oppressive environs as the characters themselves.

There's a wonderful scene where Martha goes to a tackle shop to buy some fishing gear, and the whole scene is played out in two equally wide shots, as if from the vantage point of security cameras in the corner. It's utterly overwhelming to look at, with the endless rows of bait and tackle all brightly colored against the wood paneling. But, in fact, Martha's behavior has layers of subtlety to it that contrasts in a really dynamic way. It lays the groundwork for much bigger plot developments in a way that you might only notice upon repeat viewings.

If I were to find a fault with the filmmaking, it's that Bubble feels like it's two movies in one. There is a murder, and of course the mystery that follows, but it comes in quite late. And as a short piece (the film is just under 75 minutes), it does seem like the film's modus operandi works against it in the pacing of the first half. It's a small complaint, but it keeps the piece as a whole from it's full potential. Otherwise, Bubble just further cements Soderbergh's place in modern cinema as a true visionary unafraid to tackle new challenges.
February 1, 2013
I think a new genre of film is developing - what shall we call it? Hardship porn? I think it has something to do with the economy, but I for one suddenly find it more interesting to watch movies about people who are struggling to make ends meet in gritty, nearly-failing towns. This film is quietly devastating in its authenticity. If you liked Driver 23 and American Movie, give Bubble a try.
December 27, 2012
Solid for what it is. Very Ohio-ey.
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