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½ July 8, 2012
Similar to Michael Moore's films but not as preachy.
June 16, 2012
A good documentary, although didn't reveal as much for a viewer in 2012 like myself - many of the stuffs is already well-known at this time
June 3, 2012
A provocative and poignant documentary that focuses on the Military/Industrial Complex and the ever-changing motives that drive us to war. The commentators add some insight but unfortunately, Jarecki attempts to cover too much ground and loses focus. Yes, the film is slanted but no matter which way you lean on the political spectrum, the arguments here are convincing and it doesn't hesitate to name names. There has been thousands of opinion-pieces on the subject of Iraq, but Why We Fight is one of the definitive films on the subject which will undoubtedly make audiences reconsider the meaning of national security.
December 10, 2011
looks like an interesting documentary.
½ November 26, 2011
i think this will be my last viewing of a film about us foreign policy.i'm so full.
October 20, 2011
Everybody who lives in the US should see this film. It lends insight into the reason behind the obscene, non-ending US military invasions throughout the many decades.
½ October 13, 2011
Pretty sickening, but good. What are we gonna do about it though?
October 10, 2011
A considered, succinctly presented argument against modern warfare.
October 2, 2011
A great documentary explaining how the military-industrial complex has led to failures of our nation's military in Iraq (and Afghanistan). Competing for defense contracts has led to overstatement of what certain platforms can do, and thus our troops suffer when they are given sub-par equipment. There were some loose ends that were not well tied up at the end of the film though, and that is why I do not give it a full 5 stars, but I highly recommend it to anyone concerned about our nation and her military.
August 30, 2011
why we fight?, or may i say why do you fight?, since i'm not american, : Fat dirty fucking dollar. That's all folks.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what is pretty damn obvious, war on Irak, (as most of the wars america has entered) was motivated seeking only one thing: Domination and control of the politics in the middle east and it's precious black gold...

War is a bussines, a billion dollar bussines. With an economy that expends 20 cents of every dollar in guns and "defense" bussines is Good!.

I say the same shit about Venezuela, why on earth do we need 100 fucking war airplanes? easy answer: a few corrupted politicians are payed by companies to gain the fucking contract...... who on earth would we fight? We only have three inmediate neighbors: Panama, Colombia and Brazil... well there wouldn't be much of a war they all would kick our ass... Brazil has 200 million of habitants and like 25 times our econmy size, colombia has two times our population plus american bases and guns that USA gives to them to "fight terrorism" (more like to set our position near to that tasty Venezuelan oil) and Panama also has the inmediate support and the american bases so... why don't we take that fucking 100 airplanes and expend that money on building hospitals, schools and fucking roads that are really needed... damn if you want to expend money expend on fucking inside security POLICE is wath we need no fucking army...

this movie states pretty obvious points (at least to me are obvious tough it doesn't seem to be that obvious up there), and it definitively is sided towards a more lefthanded politic side.

Sincerely i don't know why america fear so much of more social politic inclinations, down here it's hard to live i won't deny it, but it's certainly a more human approach to government, damn even the right parties here are named "SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC" and have "socialist" (or may i say based on eropean models) visions on basic human rights as Health an education (wich is free even trough college, and not only are public colleges free, they are among the best in the country)...

anyway watch the movie, you may agree or disagree but surely will make you think.
Super Reviewer
June 27, 2011
A documentary-by-numbers, in a sense, and about the Iraq War mostly, but I found this to be as much about Eisenhower than anything else, which was great, because I didn't know as much about him and his meaning when he famously coined the term Military-Industrial Complex.

I liked this documentary because it was as damning as a Michael Moore film and much less sentimental, and the message was stronger because of it. There are situations that just make you throw your hands in the air, and the Iraq War is certainly one of them. Worthy of its accolades, no question.
June 25, 2011
The truth is overwhelming!!!0.o
June 2, 2011
Watched this late last night and it was so so... once again, a Documentary is intended to "document" reality but this "documentary" director seemed to approach it as a Simpleton's approach to war and why we fight as a country. At the height of the Bush administration, alot of "documentary" directors jumped on the very large band wagon of Bush/Cheney hatred. I'm not overly fond of politicians as a whole but lets face it, hating on Bush/Cheney made alot of money for people during that era and this movie showcases that trend.
May 27, 2011
Well... do you really! want to know?
May 15, 2011
If I would have seen this film when it was released, I probably would have given it 5 stars. But six years later, some of the information seems a little dated. If you are one of the unfortunates who still believes that Iraq was part of 9/11, please watch this immediately. Otherwise, it provides a cogent introduction to the military-industrial complex, the rise of Neo-Con foreign policy (although the term "Neo-Con" may have been coined after 2004 as it is not used in the movie) and a brief history of unilateral military action by the United States. I am definitely looking forward to seeing the director's upcoming effort about Ronald Reagan.
April 12, 2011
Eerie...gave me goosebumps a couple times.
½ April 4, 2011
A very well made Documentary worth seeing. Recommended.
March 22, 2011
Very good. Follows the path of the military industrial complex from Ike's speech through to the Iraq War. Some very depressing trends are uncovered.
March 9, 2011
I had my ideas about why we fight and this documentary proves it. I hope another documentary comes out after Obama's presidency that explains why the administration does not even want to try to end the wars overseas. I have my own ideas about that too.
Everyone should be happy they live in a country where we don't get attacked. in the middle of the night over bullshit.
But why should we still be happy if we can't even allow free speech to exist, in the case of Wikileaks and in the case of the most evil company in the world, Monsanto (see Food Inc.). Criticism is not a bad thing.
But more importantly what is being done now by our own government and politicians to improve America, to make it better, is nothing. I do see a reason as to why people do not vote. There will be no change, though there is always room for improvement!
½ February 26, 2011
A great look at the business interests behind the wars fought by America, always covered by the mask of wanting to accomplish some good. The things that have stuck with me the most since seeing this movie several years ago are the interviews with the American pilots who dropped the first two bombs on Baghdad during the Iraq war. Both of them missed their targets and killed civilians. I remember this triggering one of the first lights in my brain: "That could have been my brothers, mother, or father in there." So the war got off to a terrible start, and the military and government knew going in that their weapons and/or pilots were inaccurate, and that a lot of innocent people were going to die. So why did they go forward? Watch the film.
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