Free Zone Reviews

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March 1, 2007
Much of it is labored and overemphatic.
January 5, 2007
Free Zone is a powerful film -- definitely not what you'd expect from Natalie Portman. Thought provoking and visually pleasing, this is one you will want to track down.
September 28, 2006
The elder actresses simmer as they warily interact, but the dialogue is more schematic than dramatic...
July 27, 2006
The milieu he chooses -- essentially one long, queerly prosaic car ride to nowhere -- robs the film of much of its dramatic force.
July 26, 2006
Portman and the audience are stranded in the middle, on the outside looking in, with nothing to do and patience increasingly wearing thin.
July 20, 2006
An exceptional new film.
June 14, 2006
...never seems to gain much emotional traction throughout its meandering female road trip, despite some provocative subject matter.
June 2, 2006
Shot mostly in close-ups, it's a fascinating road movie with an absurdist allegorical finale.
June 2, 2006
Free Zone has a somewhat challenging narrative made more problematic by the difficulty involved in caring about the characters.
June 2, 2006
Much of the dialogue is didactic and pedantic. And when not didactic and pedantic, it's plodding and dull.
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