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½ March 7, 2013
The biggest strength and weakness of this movie was the lack of explanatory narration. He throws you right in there and really lets the characters tell you the story. Some shots were pure genius. I thought it was a great film that shows yet another example of wealthy nations exploiting the poor in every possible way in the situation.
½ October 13, 2012
If you want to see the world beyond your bubble, then by all means watch this documentary.
½ September 15, 2012
Fantastic storytelling. Horrifying reality.
July 19, 2012
A very good documentary about what is really going on in Tanzania. It is very hard to watch, but an eye-opener about third world countries. The interesting part is that nothing really is explicitly explained. The audience sees different events and any intelligent person can figure out what is really not being said.
October 29, 2011
Although hard to watch and not very amusing in the way to tell it, this documentary reveals disturbing truths about the trade between Africa and Europe. Fish and weapons, weapons and fish.
October 19, 2011
At first a bit bizarre, but really powerful in the second half. Makes you think why do we complain this much in our lives. We should watch documentaries like this one from time to time.
September 4, 2011
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½ August 12, 2011
The documentary is good, but I probably added a star for the extensive director interview. Really intelligent and interesting guy...
½ May 25, 2011
Since this my real first documentary that I watched from top to end (I was kind of obliged to, since we're discussing this in class), I have no real comparison as how to rate this movie in terms of cinematic medium.
As for the story, it's a shocking revelation of how the 'first world' exploits the people in Tanzania and leaves it bleeding in poverty and misery. Sad fact is, that even after bringing up this special case to the public, the issue doesn't receive enough attention. Everybody knows that there are thousands dying of AIDS everyday, that they suffer famine, work off their bones, but still it goes on...
If you have a heart for social situations in third world countries, it will leave you depressed for sure.
½ February 10, 2011
Poverty and diseases in Africa could be over if people start to really help them. Smuggling weapens makes it all worst. This movie is important, shows what is really going on, what people have to face every day.
½ January 8, 2011
Don't like how it was done (needed more text or narration). Took an hour to figure out the point of what I was watching, but what an incredible message and powerful learning experience. And helped me see how my problems are nothing.How idiotic is the world!? A country in the grip of famine and starvation...the whole country is in the fish business, they make $1 a day, exporting all their fish to the EU and can only eat the maggot-crawling scraps of what the plane can't hold. The rich nations of the world get all their fish, and the starving masses of Africa get weapons in exchange.
August 31, 2010
Poverty and diseases in Africa could be over if people start to really help them. Smuggling weapens makes it all worst. This movie is important, showing what is really going on, what people have to face every day.
August 14, 2010
Makes me wonder if man should be considered an invasive species.
June 5, 2010
A slow-paced documentary that will leave a sense of devastation when the credit rolls.
February 24, 2010
Documentario sulla situazione del Lago Vittoria: un ecosistema distrutto dall'introduzione di un pesce, stranieri (in particolare russi) che si arricchiscono col commercio di questo e utilizzano gli stessi aerei per importare quintali di armi da distribuire in Africa, una popolazione locale che, in attesa della morte certa per AIDS, si dedica alla pesca per 1 dollaro al giorno o alla prostituzione per 10.

E' tutto un po' semplicistico sia visivamente che concettualmente, ma l'opera è doverosa, necessaria per puntare i riflettori su una situazione del tutto ignorata.
February 19, 2010
El documental logra comparar el experimento del pez en el lago victoria, con el tráfico de armas rusas en los conflictos étnicos del continente africano. En ambos hay un animal grande y asqueroso que se alimenta de todas las demás especies, llevándolas a su extinción. Creo que la preocupación más grande del director es mostrar la miseria alrededor de tal glotonería, la pesadilla de que el hombre se vuelva su propia causa de muerte. Los peces han acabado con toda especie en el lago y eventualmente morirán por ello, los humanos ya se tragan a sus iguales más chicos, ¿cuál será la consecuencia? Veamos qué sucede con el Nile Perch.
February 10, 2010
Aterrador documental, donde la perca del Nilo metaforiza sobre el primer mundo y donde se exhibe, a pelo, la crudisima realidad: los ricos lo son porque machacan a los pobres. Solamente por eso, deberia verse.
February 7, 2010
Jag trodde att filmen skulle handla om en ekologisk katastrof, men den stora katastrofen är humanitär. Hur kan vi fortsätta leva på det här sättet? Dock minus för bitvis skakig handkamera, en teknik jag aldrig har kunnat förlika mig med.
½ January 7, 2010
i loved this as a kid and i still love it to this day
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