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February 28, 2013
Tragic, sorrowful and deeply moving story that is fascinatingly different from any other film of this genre that I've ever seen with some of the most visually breath-taking scenes one could imagine in a war movie. Even the music is evocatively eerie. This is a film that bears re-viewing to be fully appreciated. It blew me away.
½ May 13, 2012
Reminiscent of Keith Gordon's fantastic A Midnight Clear mixed with a healthy dose of Rod Serling, Straight Into Darkness is a dark and stark little tale.
½ February 6, 2012
Monday, February 6, 2012

(2005) Straight Into Darkness

Straight to rental film has two US war deserters (one is pyschotic) come across an abandon building inhabitat by disadvantaged school children and an older couple who succumb in fighting against wondering overwelming Nazis odds! The war scenes are some of the worst I've ever seen and the acting could've been better. It's low budget and uninvolving with good intentions.

1 out of 4
½ May 18, 2011
Reminiscent of Keith Gordon's fantastic A Midnight Clear mixed with a healthy dose of Rod Serling, Straight Into Darkness is a dark and stark little tale.
June 12, 2010
Burr is no master filmmaker, but this is his masterpeice.
½ March 20, 2010
Scott MacDonald IS...The Conqueror Worm!!!
½ June 17, 2009
Good photography, but nothing else. The rest is extremely weak. I supposed they wanted to create a surreal atmosphere, but was more unreal than surreal.
May 18, 2009
Low budget film with imaginative & artistic cinematography. Ambient music score is noteworthy. Storyline is mediocre at best. Ending is weak and comes fast. Despite it's flaws, images from this film remain in my head...

Different kind of WWII film with a creeepy feeling throughout.
May 8, 2009
Yes it's screaming LOW (very, very low) budget. And then there is no story. How sad.
May 1, 2009
Let's be frank here...this film suffers on many levels. It has an incredibly weak storyline. The plot is rather odd and not the most exciting. The camera work is, at times, pretty badly chosen, and the acting is often questionable, although usually pretty good.

However, I cannot help but say that overall this movie is good just for originality alone. The film is such a unique, original take on an old, overdone genre of film that it soars above all of the mistakes it manages to make along the way.

The emotions and thoughts that run through your mind when you're watching this film are unlike that of any other WWII, and possibly war movie in general, that I've ever seen.

The film has such an artistic feel to it. It's so unique. Maybe not everyone will agree with me, but that's why for the end result, even though the film has a many of negatives, I still can't help but say that I like it.
January 28, 2009
This is the worst concept for a movie.... ever.... I mean EVER... don't even bother, it's horrific.
½ November 2, 2008
I thought that especially for a low budget film this was really well done. Just keep in mind- "LOW BUDGET!!" A lot of people seem to overlook that. The movie really tore at my heart when each kid died and it showed a flash back to their past.
½ October 24, 2008
This is crap.Less autentic,they coudnt even get the tank or the Willys jeep authentic.Not worth to waste any time watching Irritating animation in the last "action" scene and irritating flasbacks during the movie
Dont waste time or money on this one
October 11, 2008
A bit boring & pointless.
October 3, 2008
one of the best films jeff burr has ever done and most likly one of the greatest WW2 films ever i say and i dont care what anyone has to say about that becuase this was just wonderful, dark, and beautiful... jeff burr keep up the great work man...
August 13, 2008
Good low budget movie. Very dark with an almost dream-like style. Lots of short flashbacks that give you a look into the emotions of the characters. This is NOT your typical war movie. If you are going to give it a try, DO NOT read any reviews that give away the story...I watched it without knowing anything about it and it was worth it.
½ July 16, 2008
Very atmospheric war film. The actors are not the best, but I found this enjoyable.
½ July 1, 2008
A rather incoherent film, but with strong imagery, makes it watchable, although I think they could have filled in a few more gaps in the storyline. This is a movie you MUST concentrate on, and a basic knowledge from WWII will help in some ways. But it is not a war movie as such.
½ June 8, 2008
Kohtalaisen yhdentekeva sotaleffa kahdesta amerikkalaisesta sotilaasta, jotka rintamalta karattuaan havaitsevat puolustavansa taideaarteita saksalaiselta komppanjalta rinta rinnan raajarikkoisten orpolasten ja heidan huoltajiensa kanssa.

Elokuva yrittaa kovasti olla omaperainen ja kalastella indie-taidepisteita mm. horjuvalla kameratyoskentelylla, mutta hommaa ei saada toimimaan oikein millaan tasolla missaan vaiheessa. Yhdentekevat henkilohahmot, epauskottava juoni, kokonaisuudesta irrallaan olevat takaumat ja muu vastaavanlainen lahinna vain turhauttaa ja arsyttaa katsojaa. Ei voi suositella.
½ June 7, 2008
It said on the cover that it could be one of the best WW2 movie ever, maybe one of the worst!
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