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One of the most horrific battles in history and perhaps the most crucial turning point of WWII, the battle for Stalingrad is examined in Sebastian Dehnhardt's exhaustive three-part, made-for-TV documentary originally simulcast on public television in Germany and Russia. Dehnhardt tells the story through stock footage, 8 mm footage shot by survivors of the battle, and contemporary videotaped interviews with several survivors, both German and Russian. The first section, "The Attack," gives the context for Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union and the confident German advance across the country to the Stalingrad and the Volga River. There, the Germans found bitter cold. They bombed the city mercilessly, but the Red Army imbedded itself and cunningly used snipers to keep the Germans off balance. The second section is "The Kessel." "Kessel" is the German word for "cauldron," which is how the German soldiers referred to the area in which they ended up trapped when the Russians cut off their supply lines and surrounded them after they had marched into the city. The Germans had overextended their military in Hitler's haste to conquer all of the Soviet Union. Here, they fought the Russians for several grueling months through sub-zero temperatures, dealing with disease and hunger. His commanders forbidden to surrender, Hitler was determined to conquer the city that bore his enemy's name. The third section, "The Doom," deals with the Germans' growing desperation to get out, as they resort to cannibalism to survive. They eventually surrendered and the last part of the film details the grueling march to prisoner-of-war camps. Nearly one million died during the campaign. Stalingrad was shown at the 2003 New York Film Festival.
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This is a 3 hour documentary mini-series, made for TV. The film is presented in 3 separate 1 hour segments. The film is well made. It was simulcast in Germany and Russia. This film was directed by a German. There is a lot of 8mm film made by the survivors. There are interviews with soldiers and civilians from both sides of the battle. There are many details of the battle that I was unaware of. The Russians lost over 500,000 soldiers and civilians. Sections of the destroyed city were isolated. Many people died from starvation and the severe cold. After the food ran out, they first ate the horses, then the dogs, then the cats; and finally, they turned to cannibalism. Both sides were in equal dire straits. Both sides held captive POWs. The prisoners suffered mightily. The German 6th Army was almost completely destroyed. The Germans lost over 200,000 soldiers. After the battle, about 100,000 German soldiers surrendered. When they finally were released to go home; only about 6,000 had survived captivity. During the battle, planes were able to land to assist the German Army. Officers went home on leave and returned to the battle front. Some of the German wounded were able to be flown out. But, many were left behind. While German soldier were cold and starving, German officers were warm and well fed. This was a staggeringly, brutal, grinding battle. The Germans initially could not surrender. They were ordered to fight to the last man. This happened after it was clear the battle was ultimately a lost cause. This was a very interesting WWII documentary.

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[center][img][/img] [left] A very good three part documentary on the German's siege and capture of Stalingrad. The documentary uses real footage and interviews with survivors in the re-telling of one of the most horrific and brutal conflicts of WWII. You can't help but have some sympathy for the German's that were left behind by Hitler to die horrible deaths, all for the sake of holding the city that was named for one of his greatest adversaries, Stalin. The survivors give first hand descriptions of the horror that took place in that city. Including Russian & German soldiers, and citizen's that were trapped in the besiege city. Both Stalin and Hitler had literally lost their minds and there was hell to pay by everyone but them. Warning: There are very disturbing images and stories. It is not for the faint of heart. [img][/img] [/left] [/center]

Woody Woodrow
Woody Woodrow

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