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July 2, 2007
The highlight here is most certainly Julie Walters, who hams it up royally, and does a fine job of making her role as an aging actress more than just a cartoon character.
June 2, 2007
A warmly funny coming of age story as the ultra conservative clashes with the unconventional in a confluence of the unexpected
January 11, 2007
The film is anchored by Walter's brilliant performance. She has a field day with this rambunctious, pampered yet terribly insecure woman. Grint is often reduced to playing straight man, but his reactions are priceless and the fact that he and Walters have
December 8, 2006
Driving Lessons is a poignant miniature that offers [Julie] Walters a chance to be typically wonderful - saucy but deep - and [Rupert] Grint to stretch quite commendably.
December 7, 2006
Walters is alternately zany and poignant, with Grint the perfect foil, a bemused, confused innocent who only wants to do good.
November 10, 2006
Brock creates a sensitive, personal tale of an underdog coming into his own.
November 10, 2006
A charming film that gets nudged toward greatness by Julie Walters.
November 10, 2006
Driving Lessons, with perfectly cast actors, a poignant and often hilarious script and original music, is a study in how fun British humor can be.
November 9, 2006
Offers a pleasant excursion down a familiar road.
November 6, 2006
A slight but amusing british comedy.
November 5, 2006
The makers of Driving Lessons may have learned a bit too much from previous movies, but they've put the results to pretty enjoyable use.
November 3, 2006
Amiable performances and a gentle, generous chemistry between Walters and Grint make the ride pleasant.
October 27, 2006
Despite its slight and vaguely silly premise, Driving Lessons turns out to be sweet, never cloying, and amusing in an understated British way.
October 27, 2006
Driving Lessons doesn't represent a zenith in the subgenre, and it trades on some feeble character ploys, but it's a kick to watch Julie Walters do a barmy-charmer bit on Rupert Grint.
October 26, 2006
This ensemble delivers, engaging in repartee like Roger Federer plays tennis.
October 20, 2006
With the aid of a charmingly offbeat story and a jolly good dialect coach, the stars leave you thinking, well done. Their spirited performances help cover up glaring holes in the plot.
October 19, 2006
This understated comedy-drama allows Walters and Grint a great opportunity to step out of their familiar roles as mother and son Molly and Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films.
October 17, 2006
The first of the young Harry Potter stars to land a leading role outside of the blockbuster franchise, Rupert Grint shows he has what it takes to enjoy an acting career post-Hogwarts in the engaging coming-of-age dramedy Driving Lessons.
October 14, 2006
while the two titans chew the scenery with wild abandon, Rupert Grint (Harry Potter
October 13, 2006
Julie Waters' fine performance helps center this sentimental British drama.
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