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½ June 5, 2016
Incrível adaptação soviética (1964) para a tragédia shakespeareana. Fotografia e direção de arte impecáveis, atuações grandiosas e a direção com toques de gênio de Grigori Kozintsev. Um filme monumental.
Robert B.
Super Reviewer
October 2, 2015
I recommend that others view this Russian Hamlet with very modest expectations. I did not find this version to live up to the rave reviews posted. When I put in the disc I was thinking of other great Russian films such as Andrei Rublev (Tarkovsky) or Ivan the Terrible (Eisenstein).This film is not a masterwork. The makeup and the sound are amateurish. The sets are grand in scope but the interiors are lacking in quality. The production most readily invites comparison to the Olivier version and obviously comes up short. But this is by no means an awful version. As with any production, it is interesting to note the choices made and the differences in how the characters are portrayed. Lovers of Shakespeare and Hamlet should not pass this version up.
August 4, 2013
The most brilliant of all filmed Hamlets. Why do the Russians do so well with Shakespeare?
March 10, 2013
You must have mixed up something with the title Gamlet as well as the release date 1964 and the poster as well. Are we still talking about the same film by Kennteh Branagh? His modernized full unabridged Hamlet? I guess not since Kate Winslet was not yet born in 1964 when this Gamlet was released with her as Ophelia. Or am I missing something? something about this that I don't know?
February 16, 2013
Kate who did Ophelia in 1964 as shown in the cast here was actually born in 1975.
November 15, 2012
Wrong info but still want to see it.:)
September 22, 2012
Fix this up RT. Cast and movie info are wrong. Kenneth Branagh was only 3 when this movie came out.
½ April 20, 2012
I recommend this to everyone with a taste for dramatic, striking imagery
½ December 27, 2011
Quite good as a movie, the soundtrack is grand and evocative, the images are haunting and linger in your mind well after the end of the film. However, as an adaption of Hamlet, I find this somewhat unsuccessful. With its rushing of the first three acts, and its long stretches of silence for the second two, Gamlet is more a photographic wonder than a story. Although hitting most all the plot points as the play, this adaptation makes many cuts to important character soliloquies, thus creating for the viewer a mental obstacle course of confusion and non sequiturs. Be prepared to make absurd leaps if you are to fully enjoy this movie.
½ October 8, 2011
Not the Branagh Hamlet at all, but a Russian version from the 60s. Very well made and acted--my only complaint is that the ending seemed quite rushed.
July 17, 2011
this isn't the K.Branagh's movie. this page is for the Russian ecranisation of the play
July 6, 2011
Perhaps one of the best adaptations of Hamlet. I recommend it to everyone who is about ready to read the book so they may get an insight before hand.
Super Reviewer
June 5, 2010
Perhaps the best and most captivating on-screen adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Kenneth Branagh's performance blew me away!
January 20, 2010
This is seriously one of the best films ever made, let alone, (from what I've seen) the best film adaptation of Hamlet. The shots are so well crafted and the acting is so powerful, it's a constantly enthralling experience. The representation of the ghost in the first 20 minutes of the film is a perfect example of just how the great lighting and camerawork give everything this intense feel. Even when Hamlet is just talking to himself, which is usually boring in the play, is not boring in the film, because the performances are just that great. Grigori Kozintsev really made this his own and just ran with it. So friggin' good.
½ November 28, 2009
Best. Ghost Scene. EVER.
October 1, 2008
Saw this baqck in the 60's v. dark & brooding, atmospheric, almost Eisenstein, left a deep impression.
September 3, 2008
This is a very solid performance of Hamlet and a must-watch for anybody who has read the play. Easily the second best Hamlet film next to Laurence Olivier's.
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