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½ August 9, 2014
Missed a golden opportunity to be the first (and probably only film) ever to be called "Cocaingel," but I digress.
June 4, 2012
Not sure why I liked such a dark story about a man's wrecked life.

Perhaps we each see a part of ourselves in this guy's unstoppable last spin.
April 10, 2012
sad, harrowing, and sometimes even funny look at a couple's descent into the dark world of drug addiction
½ January 15, 2011
Gritty. Story is a little jumbled.
November 12, 2010
this was kinda interesting showed how addicts cant think well and always in a battle with themselves. the ending was kind of weird. The addicts have a delusion that everything is perfect as long as they are high, even though everything they own is falling apart or broken.
June 29, 2009
Nothing more addictive than Lahey's portrayal of a hard-luck loser. While other drug/addict films peddle fantasy and happiness, this one gives you the hard stuff. 'Angel'show's those films where they can stick all that cheesy crap. Well-written dialogue and acting carry this film from start to finish. Call me when CA 2 hits the streets boys, im on board!
October 7, 2008
Oddly, Damian Lahey is credited as the director of this film on Flixster, as opposed to the actual director; Michael Tully.
September 28, 2008
Really bad movie in which we see that, shocker here, drug addicts care more about their next fix than people.
August 30, 2008
So... that cat shoots up cocaine and looses his job, ext... Are you sure this shouldn't be called Heroin Angel?

This propaganda film is a good follow-up to Reefer Madness.

Unfortunately I couldn't past the bad acting, film quality, editing, script.... I've seen some cheap films, but there's something to carry it. This was pretty weak.

Actually the acting wasn't absolute shit, but definitively not good by any kind of Troma standards.. so yeah, it could have been better.

I also realize why I didn't care. You see them start off as junkies who are kind of dicks. To improve this movie it might have started off with them as good people who slipped into the drug world. You know character development to get you caring. The way it was you really weren't too concerned with them.

Half of this wasn't even drugs it was just 2 people bitching at each other annoyingly.

Could have been great, but in the end it just wasn't. Much better movies with the same theme (Candy is the same movie only better).
June 18, 2008
For those who experiment with drugs or more for that matter, this movie will certainly hit home. Cocaine Angel, and independant film is shocking to the core. What is so shocking is not a story arc or high drama, but the actions and mannerisms of the story's "protagonist". What is most frightening about this movie is how real it seems. While many make "drug" movies that deal with a catastrophic series of events, this movie deals with the mundane and trivial pursuits of an addict. Nowhere to go, nothing to look forward to, nothing to think of. Instead we see a young man whose life deteriotated. His mannerism and tone mimic those of true addicts. This movie is the most real look at cocaine addiction I have ever seen.

That said, the movie is still missing some key attributes and is at times slow. Recommended for movie lovers and those who are begining to take a dangerous path.
February 1, 2008
interesting take on life with an addiction. although slow at the beginning, it speeds up and couples with some excellent acting bringing you to one of my favorite movie endings of all time which is subtle and enticing. defiantly one to watch if you can take watching heavy movies.
Super Reviewer
January 26, 2008
Sounds interesting, wanna see!
½ January 8, 2008
low budget Requiem. still good.
January 5, 2008
The dark side of Actionville.
½ January 5, 2008
Scuzzed-out and effective filmmaking, but lulled by a mastubatory lead and half-finished script. Skillfully captures the smoky airlessness of dark rooms and withdrawal.
December 1, 2007
There is a critical comment from Village Voice that says this film side steps the cliches of drug-addict-pictures. That, for a second, is what I thought was happening... and perhaps, if only for a minute, it does. But, I ask, is it possible to make a movie about drug-addicts (a believable one, mind you) and NOT be cliched to some extent?
I love the title for this movie, which is more powerful than most of the scenes in it. There is a desperation in the main character's needs but it is a stretch of acting to conjure sympathy from the audience, with very few actors being able to do it. Abbie Cornish's performance in 'Candy' is one of my favorite off the top of my mind.
If anyone is looking for a downright crazy movie about drug addicts with no real point, but an entertaining experience, regardless, check out 'Spun'.
October 1, 2007
Disappointing lack of grittiness and emotion.
½ September 19, 2007
Funny, fucked up, pointless, poignant. Everything you'd expect from a movie about junkies. Great lead. Definitely worthwhile.
September 3, 2007
sad, harrowing, and sometimes even funny look at a couple's descent into the dark world of drug addiction
July 1, 2007
whats heaven really like?
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