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November 28, 2013
Total kitsch, bad CGI, some bad makeup, but I still enjoy it and so does my daughter. I have the Rankin-Bass version as well and this is just fun to add to the collection. My daughter loves it and this adaptation is basically your made for TV low budget live version. Did I say a lot of negative things about it? Yep. The classics will always be classics but we can't be so stuck on them that we shun everything new. I'd never heard of it and I only watched it by accident because it came in the Rankin-Bass collection and am glad to have it in the mix (even the originals get annoying if you don't change it up) It's full of heart, full of fun, ridiculous, and sweet.
February 12, 2013
A horrible excuse to make a Christmas film. Despite Goodman's woeful Santa, which is a treat Griffin and Suplee's elves are un-funnily cast and Dylan Minnette's unbelieving child is just truly terrible.
January 22, 2013
I don't care if Walt "Fanboy" Flannigan hated this movie, GREAT CAST!
December 7, 2012
Another movie to see!
½ November 29, 2012
i loved the snow miser and the heat miser in this! mother nature too.
½ October 15, 2012
The snowmiser and heatmiser were like the only thing I liked about about it.
February 16, 2012
havent quite seen the whole thing yet but love what i have saw
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December 7, 2011
Another adaptation of the book, but is mostly a painful extension of the Rankin and Bass cartoon. This becomes no more apparent than when they decide to just throw in the Heat/Snow Miser songs. In the same sad way that Ron Howard's Grinch used the song from the 60's version. It's a highlight, but it just reminds us how unimaginative and tacky the remake is. We have a needless antagonist that wants to replace Santa with Extreme Santa, and Jangle is obsessed with urban culture and television. Towards the end it picks up, when I forgot the main plot of the film, and it focused on the son and his politician father. Goodman is fine as a cranky Santa, but he's just playing himself. McKean and Fierstein have some fun as the Miser brothers, even though I don't think Fierstein's voice suits the singing sections. The cartoon has more heart, more soul, and doesn't go for forced "humour".
½ November 24, 2011
Dear god this was awful. The original is a classic and I watch it at least once a year (meaning I've seen it 10-15 times). It never gets old. For this one, I turned it off after the snow miser-heat miser scene. It was THAT bad.
November 9, 2011
Just watched my first Xmas film of the year :-)
May 15, 2011
The picture is a lie, this isn't the animated version!
January 21, 2011
best christmas special ever made
December 25, 2010
Heat Miser & Snow Miser...!
November 16, 2010
This Charming 2006 TV Movie Is Remake Of The 1974 Christmas Classic Of The Same Name. Santa Believes Their Is No X-Mas Spirit Left On Earth, The Elves Jingle & Jangle Decide To Prove Him Wrong. Along The Way We Meet The Miser Brothers Who Are Always At War & Their Mum, "Mother Nature" Along The Way. Stars John Goodman As Santa
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December 11, 2009
There are many many many legends how Santa Clause was brought to life, here is my favorite which I was told by a friend long time ago some details I remember:
There was a old Man living in Norwegians Forests and he use to make those Wooden Toys for kids who were living in the nearest Village, so every Christmas he went in to Village and brought all those nice Wooden Toys for the Kids. This is all I know.
December 7, 2009
This wasn't the strongest Christmas movie.
August 10, 2009
July 21, 2009
A classic. I always love the scenes with the Heat Miser and the Cold Miser, but I always weep buckets when Blitzen gets sick in the dog pound.
June 11, 2009
A good Christmas movie.
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