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December 12, 2015
I loved it wasn't want I would have imagined from Cinderella but it was awesome great job guys
½ April 12, 2013
Bong Man-dae's Cinderella is one of the most criminally under appreciated horror movies of the 2000's. If you have any taste for horror, you will track down and watch this movie immediately. It takes much influence from the Giallo films of Italian directors like Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci, which emphasize gore, psychological trauma, and emotional impact over beat-by-beat storytelling. It liberally blends the real with the fantastic, often switching points of view to create an atmosphere of complete psychological damage.

The setup is simple, a mother and plastic surgeon who is obsessed with her daughter's beauty performs several operations on her daughter's friends, who begin to die of seemingly self inflicted injuries. From that, you'd think you'd know where the film was going, but like a good Giallo film, the most obvious twist is really just the tip of the damn iceberg. The situation becoming more grizzly and horrific than you could possibly guess from the outset. The best part is, though there is a pretty definitive villain of the story, the real villain of the story is South Korea's (and indeed most of the civilized world's) obsession with physical beauty.

If you like movies like Deep Red, Tenebrae, and Audition, you MUST see this movie.

Rock on Fright Knights and keep the darkness scary.

-Count Jackula
½ October 7, 2012
Pensaba que este filme iba a ser muy bueno pero me decepcionó. La trama es muy lenta y tediosa. Hay muy pocos momentos de susto y no son muy originales. Además de que el climax es confuso. Otra cosa que me llamó la atención es que no tuviera un elenco muy virtuoso, ya que usualmente las producciones koreanas no importa el género siempre cuentan con un elenco talentoso, pero aquí las actuaciones son para salir del paso. Lástima, ya que la trama general tenía una buena idea pero fué plasmada pobremente.
May 22, 2012
This movie is sick, twisted, bizarre, disjointed, slow-moving and often confusing... and despite all that, I really enjoyed it. I don't find it so much scary as sad and disturbing, but I definitely think it's something that will haunt me for a while. This is definitely worth sitting through the subtitles for.
½ October 4, 2011
The ending totally threw me off. Nice Horror/Suspense Thriller.
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½ September 22, 2011
If Poltergeist is everything that can be great about horror movies, then this one is everything that can be wrong about it. I hate these goddamn movies that are deliberately confusing, if it was a great movie then fine I can probably piece it all together if I want to...but this movie is no good, so piecing it all together is something that I just had absolutely NO desire to do, so I did the next best thing. I went on Wikipedia and looked it up, and Wikipedia explained it to me quite easily, I wasn't confused. So I don't know how or why the movie was as confusing as it was to watch sometimes. Having to look it up on Wikipedia probably makes this movie FAR worse, because I shouldn't HAVE to look it up on Wikipedia. If it was the sort of confusing that inspired multiple viewings (like an Inception) that would be one thing, but, again, I just felt apathy towards trying to figure this movie out. So, again, that makes a boring (and trust me when I say BORING) below average movie quite worse. I just don't get why do this movie this way, is it force of habit, or did the director really think he had a horror masterpiece on his hands this way. And the idea is actually pretty damn good, far better than most of these J/K horror movies I've seen, it's nice to see how the obsession with being 'pretty' can drive some people to plastic surgery, even when they know something can go wrong. That's probably the only good part of the movie, and it could've been done much better but at least the movie was good at SOMETHING. So yea, nobody should ever really watch this movie for any reason whatsoever.
½ July 13, 2011
Thanks alot mom for da scarred for life...EEEEP!!!
½ May 16, 2011
Very high on creep factor, more from the codependent damn near sensuous Mother/daughter relationship. Seriously ,there were more lingering caresses ( or as I call it " hand banging" lmao) than you can shake a stick at. Not terribly scary though. But an amusing enough way to spend your evening.
April 13, 2011
It was alright. Not really scary.
½ November 27, 2010
the only good thing is the mom is sooooooooooo prettttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. It is confusing which is good for a horror movie, but dos not offer more
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½ September 23, 2010
This was okay. Not boring though. A bit scary. Nothing like the disney Cinderalla. Some scenes were hard to understand as it was way too dark. I did liked the story. But sometimes it was confusing. Not willing to watch it again though.
½ July 30, 2010
I had a really rough time not giving this movie 4 stars. This is your typical "Asian horror KILLS hollywood horror" movie. Creepy as hell and a good story-line that might need multiple viewings for the occasional film enjoyer. I think the ONLY reason I couldn't give it 5 stars was because of the unoriginal "black hair over face" scare they used a couple times when it wasn't really needed since the rest of the film was creepy as is with some very original scares and thrills. Two thumbs way up hollywood's ass-crack for this one.

...still not very sure as to how this relates to any Cinderella tale enough to be entitled "Cinderella"...except for some VERY minor details.
½ July 6, 2010
pretty decent plot development & definitely quite psychologically thrilling. however many of the scenes were just wayyy too dark to even see anything.. this made it more annoying rather than scary.
the ending was kinda confusing as i wasn't sure who was the real daughter..
June 1, 2010
There is no getting around the fact that Cinderella is pretty bad: uninventive, turgid and definitely not scary. With a juicy subject matter like young girls scrambling to have their faces cut n' pasted to look "beautiful" on their hands, Bong and screenwriter Son Kwang-soo (Bloody Beach) choose to wallow in the Motherhood Is Sacred cow-manure moralizing, shamelessly ripping off Dark Water in the movie's monumentally unexciting climax. I am going to echo Djuna's sentiment in this regard: Korean filmmakers, if you are embarrassed about making a horror film, then don't make one. Did some jopok gangsters break your knuckles for refusing to take on a horror film project or something? And if you have to make one, please, puh-lee-z, let's not use any Japanese film made within last ten years as a "reference material," right? Watch some Italian or Spanish horror films and rip them off (as the makers of the superior To Sir With Love apparently did) for a change, why don't you?

Cinderella is not the worst Korean horror film ever made (I don't think it is even the worst Korean film of this year) but watching it is a pretty depressing experience as a fan of the genre.
½ March 10, 2010
I loved this movie. It sent chills down my spine. Through the whole movie when either girl called for her " Mommy" I wanted to cry. As dark as the movie was it was also very sad. Would definitely watch it again.
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½ February 3, 2010
There are some decent ideas being thrown around in here, but by the end they all feel like a gimmick and Cinderella amounts to little more than average genre fare. The confrontation of Korea's obsession with plastic surgery is always interesting, but Time did it far better, and for this movie it just seems like a coat rack to hang some overbaked atmosphere and jump scares on. Good acting and occasional aesthetic surprises all seem counterbalanced by the fact that the movie is so fucking dark, you can never actually see what's going on. Most likely a budgetary constraint, Cinderella's already barely-coherent plot is further crippled by this lousy choice.

Definitely skippable, unless Asian horror is your comfort food (as it is mine).
January 22, 2010
definately not the little kids story i have known. this is one horror/suspence movie that acctually scared me and kept me on the edge of my seat. there is mystery behind every character. you have to pay very close attention to the story or else you will get lost and stay lost. of course it isnt in english, but i think that adds more intensity to the movie. the plot was unique and i have never seen anything like it before. the only thing that bugged me was the ending really, it wasnt what i would have had happen.
January 20, 2010
Possibly the creepiest and most disturbing Korean horror film I have seen to date. The only connection this movie has with the fairy tale is the title. Director Man-dae Bong produces a dark, sick, utterly beautiful tale of beauty and obsession.
December 11, 2009
The first half I found boring and confusing but the second half made up for it. The story would make you think one thing, then throw one or two loops in for a totally different direction. Sometimes, you would have to take some time to connect the dots but in the end, every scene made sense. I absolutely loved this.
December 10, 2009
although its kinda slow and draggy, i think the background story is realli interesting. disturbing yet suspenseful
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